Saturday, February 22, 2014


The newspaper is showing a suspicious recent interest in the ongoing Kansas City homicide problem that's absent most of the year.

Fact check: More than anything the our largest Dead Tree Media outlet in town is a political outfit and this latest move proves as much.

Check another editorial making the dubious claim that more boring City Hall meetings with solve Kansas City's homicide problem:

Wake up, Kansas City Council, we have a murder problem

Nice headline . . . But the editorial is really about the City Council's Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee and urging more appearances by the KCPD Chief.

Public meetings are great but they really don't have an impact on anything but news coverage. What's worse is the clandestine effort by the newspaper to make sure that Kansas City follows the same local control path as murder capital St. Louis.

Addressing the Kansas City homicide crisis is important but let's not forget that Dead Tree Media isn't above exploiting public concern in order to support a clandestine attempt to raid police pensions and garner more influence for their favorite politicos at the outset of an election year.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't consider your irrational, childish anti-Star bias much of an "exclusive."

the Polar Bear said...

KC voters are getting wise to the Falling "Star" and it's lame-ass, old white-head editorial board. Sorry to the tokens on the board, we all know your there for appearance only.

No, the Falling "Star" is past it's time. Only question is when wil they break out the mothballs ?

Fail Abrakadabra articles are like reading Twitter feeds from Alonzo or TKC comments from Byron. They are on the edge of stupidity.

Anonymous said...


true story

Anonymous said...

We also have a corruption problem.

Anonymous said...

And who commits 90% of the murders here and in other cities? That's right: the Amish.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to lower the homicide and crime rate. Put people in jail for their crimes and don't give them pass after pass after pass on felony charges. But that means putting a lot more people in jail. Wonder if the murder victims and their families would be for or against that?

Anonymous said...

KC PD....are they the ones the KC FD whips up on all the time ? How can they fight crime when they getting their asses whipped by firefighters?

More crimefighters like Alonzo perhaps.

Harley said...

4:56 we feel the same way Tony

Flint Lock said...

Ya'll be on the look-out, that idiot Byron is online and posting more of his stupidity. Damn that pervert.

Anonymous said...

The crime is everywhere. There is no retreat. Arm yourselves.

cml said...

Liberals hate differing opinion Harley.

Make a point. Stop whining

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh....Kansas City, we have a nigger problem.

Anonymous said...

Sharp and the other duds on the public safety committee don't have the faintest idea what the police even do. And you would think that at least Brooks and Reed would be at least concerned enough about violence and crime to become knowledgeable and engaged enough to offer some ideas and support. Their districts include the parts of the city where most of the crime is taking place.
The idea that elected officials can somehow delegate away their responsiblities to some clueless nonprofit organizations, especially about something as important as public safety, is both irresponsible and arrogant.
And if the councilmen members of this committee don't hold others responsbile for results or play active roles in neighborhoods who need a hand with crime, just what DO they do?

Anonymous said...

A couple of things immediately catch my attention here, and thus warrant comments.

Per usual, this article is simply attributed to "editorial" by the KC Star. While viewing Ruckus, Yael mentioned that he had been reviewing these meeting tapes, so I believe we can safely conclude this article is his work product.

But why does ANY article appear in the Star without proper attribution? Hasn't the Star itself complained of anonymous critical comments left by readers, and taken steps to disable such comments on many stories? Is this not hypocrisy? Is this article not criticizing several individuals by full name, while the author hides behind the screen of "editorial"?

While my own comments here are anonymous as well, I am not writing an original article to appear in a large city's daily newspaper. The Star wants to have it both ways, as usual, and this is one of many reasons why their business is dying a slow death.

Anonymous said...

An "editorial" is an unsigned opinion piece stating a position on an issue. Newspapers have always had them.

glad to help, 9:17! pinhead.

Anonymous said...

An editorial, leading article (UK), or leader (UK) is an opinion piece written by the senior editorial staff or publisher of a newspaper or magazine or any other written document. Editorials may be supposed to reflect the opinion of the periodical. In Australian and major United States newspapers, such as the New York Times and the Boston Globe, editorials are often classified under the heading "opinion".

the Internet is cool, 9:17 - you can look things up on your own and not appear so blatantly stupid!

Anonymous said...

9:50 and 9:54 miss the point of the criticism!

Yes, I know what traditionally "editorial" represents in the newspaper.

My criticism was that the Star sees nothing wrong with printing anonymous "editorial" pieces, while not allowing anonymous comments to counter many of their articles. Readers who wish to submit letters to the editor, must provide their identity.

What is the justification for not naming the author of the editorial? Are they ashamed to be identified? To not ask the question, is to accept an unequal playing field upon which the KC Star wishes to hold court. An analogy perhaps, the Star wishes to operate much like a casino and always hold the reader at a disadvantage. As a tool of propaganda, they cannot allow the public to square up with them evenly, for they would routinely lose the public debate.

Anonymous said...

Like Citizen Koch.

Anonymous said...

8:48 is right on the money.
Most of the members of the "Public Safety Committee" would be lucky to even find half the police stations in the city, much less have any idea at all of what the police actually are confronted with or do.
Brooks completely destroyed any hope of credibillity with his crotch antics and Reed simply parrots whatever he's told by the usual suspects.
And the police board spends its time discussing administrative matters and doesn't have much of a clue about what KCPD is doing either.
And all these folks are afraid of even talking to each other for fear that their cluelessness will become apparent to the rest.
HOW the public safety operation is organized in KCMO is NOT the problem. It's the clueless folks who are elected and appointed who think they can delegate away their responsiblities to jokes like Aim4Peace or all the other nonprofits that are funded to the tune of tens of millions every year without any noticeable impact on the levels of violence or even homicides, don't roll up their sleeves and develop any realistic understanding of what the KCPD is confronted with or is actually doing, and doesn't have the guts to serously address the facts that 75+% of the murders in the city take place within a fifty square block area year after year and deploy police resources appropriately.
And in a city of over 460,000 residents, it's a bit hard to believe that if public safety were a high priority to local government, at least a few capable serious individuals couldn't be elected or appointed to bring some competnet focus on this most basic issue.
And then you see the next round of council candidates and potential appointees.
And the past becomes the future.

Pootie Tang said...

Hellz, the KC niggers won't wipez der ass wit da CK Star. Dat notz even a rag.