Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Micaela Schaefer And Kansas City Link Love

Micaela Schaefer and her NSFW Euro-Trash hotness inspire this quick peek at Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Even Slower Kansas City Emergency Services: Metro ambulances adjust to winter snow fall

- Show-Me More Wasted Effort: Does Missouri need a new flag? Legislators take up question

- The Golden Ghetto Burns: Car goes up in flames at Overland Park home

- Local Car Dude Stays Losing: Super bowl bet costs Missouri car dealership $300K

- This FIGHT Is A Big Deal In Perfect Village: Neighbors sue to block Prairie Village seniors complex

- More Obamacare Fail: Medicaid applications from called flawed; Mo. enrollment dips

- Kansas City Booze Anticipation . . . Boulevard: Chocolate Ale deliveries still on hold

- Cowtown Destination Celebration: KC announces increased convention bookings

- Rich White Lady Extols The Virtues Of Marrying Well: Leawood mayor takes unusual path to City Hall

- Dead Cat Bounce Kansas City Economic Boost: Kansas City area scored payroll job gains in 2013

- Kangaroo Cleaning: Free dental care offered by UMKC dental students

- Sunflower State Tech Kindness: Kansas teen uses 3-D printer to make hand for boy

- Pitch Promo And A Lot Of Their Content Is Skewing Advertorial Nowadays: Middle of the Map Fest brings the Get Up Kids, Of Montreal, Kate Nash and more to Kansas City this April

As always, this is the Kansas City OPEN THREAD right now for all things off-topic and maybe sessy . . .


Jamal, Byron's nigga dick daddy said...

i gonna have ma hillbilly bitch git an wear sum bitch ho shoes lik dat ho!

Anonymous said...

Any breaking news on Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson?

Greedo said...

She had a sandwich and gained it all back.

Westport Trucky said...

I hate censored boobies

Anonymous said...

6:26 EXACTLY!!!!

So much for TKC free speech and no censorship!!!!


Just say NO to black boxes!!

(paid for by Committee to Eliminate Black Box Female Body Censorship....Secretary Hugh G. Rection)

Hop Sing said...

Wud up with the 1978 black censor strips on the tittays? Just hide the nips and snatch with scrambled pixels , like they do in Chinaman porn.

Anonymous said...