Friday, February 14, 2014

Meet The Kansas City Crew Ready To Destroy Trolley Track Trail At Mayor Sly's Command!!!

Late Friday Presser showing Mayor Sly making new friends (and enemies) in Brookside . . .

Mayor James Appoints Country Club Right-of-Way Neighborhood Advisory Committee

Today, Mayor James selected 31 stakeholders of the Country Club Right-of-Way area to a neighborhood advisory committee. The Mayor’s Office received 119 applicants. The group will advise the City on a variety of options and topics related to potential streetcar expansion efforts through that neighborhood. The advisory committee was formed to address several community concerns regarding how the expansion may proceed that are unique to the Country Club Right-of-Way area. As specific concerns arise on other expansion corridors, it is anticipated that similar stakeholder advisory groups will be created as needed.

“The streetcar project is the biggest new public transportation project in our City in decades,” said Mayor James. “I value diversity of opinions and consider public engagement a critical factor in deciding how we should move forward. These meetings will be an outlet for providing fact-based answers to stakeholders’ questions. I appreciate the individuals on this neighborhood advisory committee who will be giving their time and energy to examining this issue.”

The members of the Country Club Right-of-Way Neighborhood Advisory Committee are:

Kathleen Arthur, Resident

Rhonda Atkin, Resident

Lou Austin, Resident

David Boese, Employed by a business

Oliver Burnette, Resident

Lynn Carlton, Resident

Kelly Dillman, Resident

Matt Enstrom, Resident

Andrea Estevez, Resident

Caleb-Michael Files, Resident

David Gentile, Resident

Scott Gustafson, Resident

Drew Hodgdon, Resident

Charles Kearney, Resident

Jerry Keithline, Resident

Gib Kerr, Resident

Christopher Lewellen, Resident

Thomas McFarland, Resident

Martin Murphy, Resident

Dylan Payne, Resident

Cynthia Porter, Resident

Derek Ramsay, Resident

Lawrence Rebman, Resident

Eric Rogers, Transit advocate

Melissa Saubers, Business owner

Bob Simmons, Employed by a business

Janelle Sjue, Resident

Mark Slater, Resident

Whitney Smith, Resident

Theresa VanAckeren, Business owner

Richard Wetzel, Resident

The committee will meet on Saturdays at 9 am in the 2nd Floor Conference Center at the UMKC Administrative Center Building, located at 5115 Oak Street, starting on February 22nd, for a minimum of four weeks.



Westport Trucky said...

Oh great he hand picked those who will do just as he says, what a fucking farce.

Chuck Klosterman said...

Better song choice would have been "I'm not in love" by 10cc... which is inarguably the smoothest song ever laid down.

Anonymous said...

This f'n sucks.

Anonymous said...

OMG. The sniveling is relentless.

Nobody is listening except the 24 nattering nabobs of negativity.

Run for Council. Vote against the train. Stop whining.

Be productive in your point of view. Pandering to the trolls is way old.

Between complaining about marathons, snow, trains, planes, gun rights, and women who wont give you the time of day, I experience a vacuum vortex reaching through my computer and sucking out my life force.

Anonymous said...

7:55 How much the Mayor pay you fro this shit?

Anonymous said...

7:55 has no responsiblities for much of anything and obviously no idea of where all the money is supposed to come from to finance their train fantasies.
When you take money from the bus system, people who actually need public transporation are affected.
When you take millions of dollars from the street/sidewalk/curb maintenance program, people who live in those neighborhoods are adversely affected.
When you scour every line item in the budget looking for streetcar doallars because the original TDD doesn't come close to paying the bills, residents who depend on the services being reduced or eliminated are adversely affected.
KCMO government has actual responsiblities; it isn't just a taxpayer-funded amateur venture capital firm.
It's really too bad that Sly and the other electeds can't even try to provide some adult supervision.
All aboard.

Anonymous said...

This "plan" is nothing more than the usual scam of promising a little something for everyone in order to round up votes. Streetcars down Linwood and 18th Street for eco devo? Really.
And when another little group of enthusiasts vote to tax the people who actually live and own buildings in the new zones, Sly and the gang will use the new money anyway they want.
It's hard to believe how people can be fooled by the same scam over and over again.

Anonymous said...

When someone tires of your point of view, suggest that they don't know what they are talking about or suggest the Mayor is pulling their strings.

And you all fail to understand why you are not prevailing in the court of public opinion?

I guess you could load up on F-bombs and continue to be surprised when you are marginalized, and fall behind (funny) the cum/tits troll.

Westport Trucky said...

Sure clown of the assholes prove what you just said then fucknuts.

Well 9:06 we are waiting?

Anonymous said...

What a farce Lou austin doesn't even live in the phase 2 area.

Anonymous said...

Then he doesn't get to vote. So don't worry.

Worry about the fact that the streetcar polls well in the taxation district, because the people who live in places like midtown BKS and Waldo actually like this city, and they have made the urban core a thriving, fun little city and have invested their lives in homes and jobs and families in the urban core.

Because they're going to vote for it, just like every other light rail initiative. Because they're who matters in this town, and they smart enough to know that transit is one of the few real crippling failures of KC as it is now.

But have fun on your internet bitch-fest forum! The world doesn't give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

i don't and never will again live in KCMO. I will have to pay taxes on hotel rooms , rental cars ,meals etc.
Or not!!!! I can rent cars in OVPK and fuck KCMO. So long!

Anonymous said...

LOL build the train and then everyone moves the fuck out hahahahah

Larry said...

That's right handed picked just like the Airport group. Can you belive he picked the Airport director's right hand girl to be on the KCI advisory group. Talked about a inside track.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all the hipster and liberal supporters who are pledging to use it would be willing to foot the entire bill once the feeder lines down Indep Ave and Linwood begin feeding in the people who can't afford bus fare and the homeless that are looking for a warm place to sleep.

Anonymous said...

When someone actually make a comment that "the public" overwhelmingly supports the streetcar, yet the initial vote had to be rigged so that only 375 voters, most of who don't own taxable real estate, managed to commit the entire city to this expensive fool's errand, we've moved beyond urban futurist Koolaid to a whole new level of delusion.
And 6:17 is exactly right. None of the enthusiasts for the streetcar have the faintest idea of where all the money is supposed to come from, don't care about actual city services for other residents, and rent and can easily move when the whole thing come crashing down and the unintended consequences directly affect them.
The ultimate in narrowly focused special interest myopia.

Anonymous said...

Uncle SAM please slow this process (phase II) DOWN!!!

Anonymous said...

Lou Austin's employment is the District Manager and Chairman of the Board of Three Trails Community CID. It is his job to get Phase 2 passed, so that Phase 3 can get started. He does not live in or represent the Country Club Right of Way neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

The city has a couple BILLION in unfunded but required infrastructure improvements, most mandated by the feds. Instead of paying for cool, new "toys" for the city, how about we fix the crumbling sewers before the city completely rots away beneath us and/or the EPA really brings the hammer down. It kinda reminds you of the guy whose roof is about to cave in, but instead if fixing it he blows all his money on a trip to Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, criticism of the advisory committee is valid. Take a look at the VERY narrowly defined TDD for the streetcar, or the KCI committee, and tell me the mayor doesn't have a history of stacking the deck.

Anonymous said...

927.....I don't have a dog in this fight, but the lack of basic 4th grade vocabulary and punctuation skills kind of makes 906's point.

Anonymous said...

This has such widespread public support???? WTF??? Most of the people in the area, especially the special assessment area are just now starting to learn what's coming their way. The prevailing opinion I've encountered has been one of unsurprise that the city is getting ready to waste millions of dollars while unable to provide basic services. This is generally followed by anger upon discovering that they are expected to foot much of the bill through assessment on their property and not the rest of the city who voted for Sly and most of the other idiots.

1010, you are a shill or a very bad pollster and you should set foot off the university every once in awhile. The world is a different place than the one you've theorized about.

Anonymous said...

9:06 I value Cum Guys comments more than your drivel !

Anonymous said...

Funny, I actually looked at the plans and the trail is maintained in 100% of them.

What the next red herring you (6) people will trot out?

How bout that "there's no density" one, since the "there no jobs in KCMO" has been disproven and the "this doesn't go anywhere" one become invalid when it gets extended throughout the core of the city.

Some of the over 55 and sububan-brainwashed crowd here is pretty out of touch with reality. Fortunately the polls and the vote counts from the last elections tell the real story.

By all means, move to OVPK, its rapidly depopulating in most of the city (grows by annexing new subdivisions in the county), its not well built or designed, and you'lll never have to worry abt your tax $ being wasted on the OP convention center boondoggle, prairiefire at lionsgate corporate welfar, or wildly overbuilt freeways and 16 lane arterial interchanges with next to no traffic.

KC will be not only fie without you, but better off. Someone smarter and more urban-minded will by your house (or you filter business) and make it and the city cooler.