Monday, February 10, 2014

Kelly Andrews & The Kansas City Link Look

Kelly Andrews inspires this comprehensive look at all of the worthwhile Kansas City mainstream media links right now . ..

- Seems Like A Fair Fight: Kansas debate pits snakes versus developers

- Probation After Tragic Abuse: Young mother sentenced to probation after fracturing infant son’s ribs

- Winning During Flash Mob Off-Season: Country Club Plaza owner doubles quarterly profit

- Comeuppance On The Other Side Of The State Line: KCK apartment managers pay $640,000 to settle false claim allegations

- Kansas Crackdown On Copper Thieves Before The Warmer Weather: AG’s office sends 29 to prison for meth in 2013

- Plowing Cash: Snow clean-up costs Kansas $3 million

- Meet These Cheerleader D-Bags: The Downtown Council Welcomes Nine New Members

- New Cowtown Booze: Kansas City's newest micro brewer opens Tuesday

- Overland Park Agrees About Our Precious Bodily Fluids: Dentists: Fluoride in water supply is safe

- Prof. Kraske Journalism: Yakov Smirnoff: Comedy And A Russian View On Sochi

- Saving The Planet In The Sunflower State: Kansas recycling up to about 34 percent

- Great Local Cause: Southwest Airlines chooses Children's Mercy for medical transport program

- They Choked: Kansas City Smokeshack BBQ has closed

Once again, this is the KANSAS CITY OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic and otherwise . . .


Anonymous said...

cum guy what would you do ?

Anonymous said...

Byron loves Bill "I will tap your daughter" Clinton because he lets him earn 750.00 a month on top of the disability x 2 he scams from taxpayers.
Byron needs the lesson!

Anonymous said...

Byron will pay

Anonymous said...

More like this please!

Anonymous said...

SmokeShack BBQ closed? Oh, no! It was really good!

Anonymous said...

While Kraske was interviewing Mr. Smirnoff, they were both "Yakingov"

Anonymous said...