Thursday, February 06, 2014

KCK Car Warm-Up Gun Battle Aftermath!!!

Bitter cold and snow make it even harder to dodge bullets in the urban sections of the metro.

Check it:

KMBC: Kansas City, Kan., police say a man was shot in the leg during a gun battle with thieves trying to steal a vehicle that was warming up.

KCTV5: Police: 2 in custody after man was shot while warming up his car

Fox4: "The two suspects, described as black males, bailed from the four-door silver car in the middle of the street and took off running. Police tried to track them down with their canine unit but had no luck. They were later apprehended in a second-floor apartment at the Legend Oaks Apartment building. Police said one man was hiding when detectives made their first arrest."

Given that's sub-zero out there . . . This story provides more evidence against the assertion and/or stereotype that crime drops in colder weather . . . Also, getting in a gunfight and shot in the leg over a crappy car in KCK doesn't seem worth it.


Anonymous said...

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