Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Kate Upton And Kansas City Snowbound Links

The flurry of Kansas City snow news got old real fast . . . Here's some of the most important stuff that still resonates or is at least worthy of note . . . Check it:

- 1st Of All . . . Everything Is Closed . . . Don't Argue Because The Places That Are Open Are Manned By People Who REALLY Don't Want To Be Working Today!!!

- Show-Me Political Talking Point: Mo. Legislature plans full day despite storm

- Bi-State Snow Coverage: MoDOT working overnight to clear roads . . . Crews in Kansas working long hours to try and keep roadways clear

- Same KC Article: No rest for the resolute snow crews

- Examiner Isn't Even Trying: Snow bound

- Skids At The Airport Still Doesn't Mean We Need A New One: Plane stuck on taxiway at KCI Southwest plane skids into snowbank at KCI

- Snow Emergency For Reals: Snow Storm Means A Sleepover For Emergency Hospital Workers

- One More White Guy Singing: Olathe principal's snow day song

- Less Local Resources: Barrage of winter weather elsewhere leads to local salt shortage

- Internets Snow Drinking Game: Twitter brings Kansas Citians together for a #snowdaypubcrawl

- Beware The Wolves Of Winter: Tips to avoid a winter storm scam artist

Oak Park Mall is opening sometime this morning . . . So things might just be okay.

On the other hand City Hall isn't picking up the Trash.

We might do MAYBE ONE MORE compilation on the show fail but after that we're done with this exaggeration and effort to shovel cheap content . . .


Anonymous said...

Lots of companies had employees camping out over night.

Anonymous said...

Kate Upton will bring you some fine sons, then immediately get big as a house.

Anonymous said...

QuikTrip is an oasis for the weary snow warriors!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Tony. Why don't you actually get off your fat ass and report instead of aggregate other people's stories?

Anonymous said...

Kate Upton was something in the winter of 2010. At least we have a snow storm for the rugged individuals.

Anonymous said...

1:53, you prove your self to be the smartest commenter on here. He's a stupid fuck thats losing readers by the minute