Monday, February 17, 2014

Kansas Hateration & 'Religious Freedom' Bill

Right now Kansas is at the center of the culture war over a bit of legislation that was an abortion in the making . . . Even though nobody really cares about abortion right now. But I digress . . .

New York Times: In Kansas, Right Joins Left to Halt Bill on Gays

The Raw Story: Kansas Episcopal bishops speak out against doomed anti-LGBT bill

Huff Post: The Kansas 'Religious Freedom' Bill Is Unbiblical

And so this culture war distraction has almost passed and now we're nearly back to the status quo in the nicer Kansas suburbs where only minor class distinctions define white people like Pretty in Pink or some other John Hughes 80s movie . . . While the rest of the world fights to survive.


Anonymous said...

Priests and preachers love these anti-gay laws, cause most of them are queer themselves. Fucking perverts.

Anonymous said...

Amazes the shit out of me that after 200 years we are still writing laws in this FREE country

jodi hi roller said...

i know, right, 1118?

i like to comfort myself by quietly whispering

"america is a democracy"
"we are all equal before the law"
"in a free market we all get what we deserve"

over and over til i fall asleep

its a beautiful life :)

Anonymous said...

This legislation has gotten worldwide attention. Once again, all anyone ever hears about Kansas, beyond the Dorothy, Toto and tornadoes thing, is that it is a backward, rural state run by crackpots and screwballs who don't even act like Americans.

Most people don't want to live in Kansas. In fact, they don't want to even drive through it (as fast as they can, windows up and doors locked). Oh well. Keeps the cost of living very low, and there are very few traffic jams.