Saturday, February 08, 2014

Kansas City WIR Talk With Local Newsie Elite

Important Week In Review this week with lots of great topics . . . About 2/7 which this blog broke first.

Still, lots of important insight from some of the people who brought the news and then Prof. Kraske too.

Take a look:

Topics include:

- Kansas City Snowmageddon Aftermath

- JJ's Inferno Blame Game

- Grandview Mayor And His Imaginary Chick-Fil-A Meetings

- King Tut Comes To Union Station Tomb

- Katy Sebelius In Kansas City Pushing Obamacare

- Kansas City Transit Activist Clay Chastain Stays Winning This Week

- A Slightly More Realistic Kansas City Superbowl Hope

Again a pretty great show with a KICK-ASS appearance by Ryan Kath who did some KICK-ASS investigative work on one of the stories the show reviews.


Anonymous said...

KCPT needs to send it's production crew to basic lighting school, the first part is lit like a football field, and god Helling and Parks really need coverup, almost ghoulish

Anonymous said...

KCPT is a joke. Their selection of guests mimics the "balance" of The Star's laughable editorial page with Scott Parks playing Steve Rose's role of faux conservative and two uber leftists in Kraske and Helling.

The only thing positive this tape shows is that Parks is actually capable of doing a show without sounding like the drunken toothless hillbilly demographic KMBZ seems hellbent on capturing.

Pretend journalism from a station that should be taken off the public tit.