Friday, February 21, 2014


Here is the week according to our favorite Left vs. Right chat show in Kansas City . . . The latest episode of Ruckus:

We always like Ruckus when Crosby Kempper III graces the show if only because everybody is scared to disagree.

Topics Include:

- Missouri Punts On The KCPS

- Flash Mob Discussion

- Kansas City Hope In The Pope To Get Rid Of Bishop Finn

- Kansas Gay Rights Ruckus

- Must See Roasts And Toasts were even more lively this time around.

Enjoy . . . More in a bit . . .


chuck said...

They all want the thugs off of the Plaza and are ok with detention areas on location.

Anonymous said...

That will teach Mary to interrupt Gwen.

Hyperblogal said...

I will watch this ONLY when Crosby Kemper is on the panel. The last sane public figure in KC.

Anonymous said...

Mike Shanin's RUCKUS
...a weekly food for thought fight over the news of the day and the trends of time.

MO Board of Education & KCPS

Crosby Kemper welcome back!! We love to hear from Mr. Kemper, one of the area's most lucid thinkers...we just wish he could appear alongside Mr. Cozad, rather than as a replacement!
Crosby reminds us that the state decided to intervene and hold underperforming Kansas City public schools accountable in 1993!!! Lack of civic will, lack of political will. Succinct! Gwen strongly agrees with Crosby, and cites that 70% of the children are "not proficient" in reading, math, and science...and "that is criminal!" Yael says current developments are positive for the status quo and Superintendent Green. At present rates of improvement, it will take 17 years to reach the standard! "It's not even a half-baked plan, it's a no-bake plan!" Mary asks "was this a judicious decision?" At this point Gwen interjects a comment, and teases Mary that sometimes she has to talk over her.
Undeterred, Mary makes her point.

Plaza Ruckus
Yael reports he has reviewed some old public safety meeting tapes in which Sly James made the same old comments which remain applicable still today. Yael does not see an answer forthcoming. Crosby believes two things need to be accomplished: consistent youth activity programs, and police geographic analysis of the troublemakers. Mary suggests consulting John Sharp, and encouraging Chief Forte to implement his ideas. Gwen is a backer of strict enforcement, no more babysitting, Here! Here! Gwen!!

HOPE IN THE POPE (not to be confused with Pope On A Rope Soap)

Mary(former nun)reports the new pope has a very different idea concerning the role of the hierarchy in the Catholic Church. Yael cites a Japanese analogy, and states "get your tainted regime behind us, Bishop Finn." Crosby reports there is a certain amount of hysteria on both sides of this issue. Churches should have a higher level of hygiene in this area. Mary bluntly says "everyone knows there is no democratic process in the Catholic Church."


Gwen hopes for more change supporting gay rights is forthcoming. Crosby (co-founder of the Show Me Institute) states his own Christian view on this issue is that "we all need to embrace each other", and looks forward to Gay Kansans--The Musical at Starlight in the near future! Yael makes the shocking revelation that "someone" elected the Kansas Representatives. Crosby reminds us that 70% of Missourians voted against allowing gay marriage. Mary doesn't miss a chance to bash Brownback.


Mary Roasts the KCKS Police Dept. in regards to the tragic death of Graciela Olivas. Yael Toasts the KS Legislature for rejecting KU's Bill Self athletic dormitory. Crosby Toasts the culinary oasis which is Sasha's French Bakery, the Milwaukee Deli, and others which are part of KC's great unsubsidized entrepreneurial food culture. Gwen Toasts Chief Forte for stepping up to take strict control of the Plaza ruckus. Mike scolds the panel for being way too upbeat and congratulatory. He Roasts a liberal democrat editorial letter writer!

A Mike Shanin witticism = SHANUCKUS

Anonymous said...

Yay Crosby Kemper! Gwenny slmost put a smack down on that idiot hag Mary.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Check Please.

Anonymous said...

Rucks fuckus