Monday, February 17, 2014


Damn . . . This public call out is a new tactic and challenges any political support for flash mobbers: Police chief pledges crackdown on 'few deviants' at Country Club Plaza

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Anonymous said...

What was the ethnicity of the mob, by percentages?

Anonymous said...

Mostly Chinese-Americans, celebrating crushing their SATs.

Anonymous said...

Go Chief go!

Just last week a councilman all but called him an "Uncle Tom". Which, to everyone else, means that he is doing his job irrespective of race.

Keep it up and us suburbanites might actually return, and spend money, at the Plaza. Why go there now? Just have to spend additional money on key scratches, broken sideview mirros and avoid shoulder-to-shoulder walking and trying to start a confrontation

Anonymous said...

Vibrant people of color making the world an interesting place.

This country was very boring and dull until vibrant people of color starting sharing their rich cultural heritage with us.

Used to, disabled white Army veterans would ride public transportation, and have nothing but a uneventful ride to their destination. Thanks to vibrant diversity, that trip to the doctor or store can be a fun-filled fight for your life!

It's actually kind of exciting making sure I don't have to stop for gas in vibrant areas. It's like a game. If I make a mistake, and have to stop for gas in a vibrant area, I can get my face smashed in for being white. I might even get my brains splattered all over the cab of my truck. Such fun and excitement!

Vibrant people of color don't discriminate based on age, either. 90 year old white women can still be raped, and infants can be shot in the face in their strollers. Don't think age will keep you from experiencing the rich tapestry of diversity!

We're a little behind the curve from the mother country, though. Vibrant diverse persons in England ran over a soldier, and chopped his head off in broad daylight in front of dozens of people who just stood there and watched. Don't worry...we'll soon get to enjoy that here, too.

Vibrant people of color can enrich you with their diversity almost everywhere. State fairs, malls, gas stations, restaurants, sidewalks, or even while you sleep in your bed! Sleep

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure. Crack down my ass, whatta ya gonna do, take away their welfare checks or EBT cards?? Bust those niggers across their fat lips!!

Anonymous said...

Not too far different than what happens when the mobs come to the plaza

Anonymous said...

This is just lip-flapping from the COP. Do you think tickets or citations are going to thwart these types? What a crock. Until they are dealt something that will actually get their attention (i.e. stun guns, tear gas, etc.), it's just a matter of time before the next disturbance.

Anonymous said...

Silence = Death

This slogan was used in the 1990's for AIDS awareness.

It is time that we, the concerned and civilized citizens of this nation, adopt this slogan and break the White Silence.

Silence = Death

Speak up. Don't be afraid to talk the truth. It could save someone's life.

Speak rationally, speak clearly. And back up your discussions with facts. Most of all, refer people to this site.

Silence = Death

The PC (patrolled communications) media cannot conceal the truth for long.

Despite all of the orchestrated efforts of the media to hide the truth, it is getting more difficult for them to conceal the hatred which blacks have towards non-blacks. The violence has become so blatant and unbridled that sooner or later, there will be that straw that breaks the camel's back....and then...all hell will probably break loose.

Silence = Death

To protect our loved ones, we need to break the White Silence.


The media hates it when people find out about black racists and black violence.

From Philadelphia, Philadelphia Mike...still a true believer in the Founding Fathers

Anonymous said...

I truly do not understand why there is little or no outrage.

People that know what is really going on seem to be isolated. The idiots that don't know or don't care are fed a steady diet of BS from the national media, and are content to sit in their recliners and watch football and Oprah.

The best reason I can come up with for whites not caring is that they know any attempt to organize and speak out on behalf of themselves would be met with the full force of government. It's like a passenger on a doomed plane speeding towards the ground reclining his seat, and watching the inflight movie. He figures he might as well try and enjoy what time he has left.

Anonymous said...

all of the problems stem from the movie theatre. i would be willing to bet that the mob began shortly after a showing of "Ride Along" let out.

highwoods needs to force the movie theater to stop showing these movies that attract this type of crowd, force the theater to upgrade its facilities and charge $20/ticket, or force it to shut down.

any one of these steps would substantially reduce the problem.

that doesn't make me a racist. that makes me a rational human being.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious where the "Save the Plaza" folks are now. Threaten to construct a building they dislike and all hell breaks loose. But let packs of ferral darkies infiltrate the place and not a word is spoken. WTH??? said...

This happens every day all over the US. This was just hours ago.

Anonymous said...

THe "Save the Plaza" gang going AWOL is bad enough.
But where are the elected people, the police board, and the "leaders" from the east side?
Is Jermaine Reed's point of view REALLY what's going to stand as the ONLY public comment on what the chief and his troops are trying to do?
The next thing that should be done is to follow this same logic and tactics into the higest-crime east side neighborhoods and finally bring some relief to the decent families who are trying to live there.
Sly has lots of energy and uses arm-twisting for an off-the-wall fiasco like the streetcar, but has nothing to say about safe neighborhoods?
Where is he on supporting his own police department?

Anonymous said...

I think we all know where sly is on supporting the police, fire, water, sewer, you know IMPORTANT stuff like that. His actions speak louder than words. Or should I say inaction in some cases.

Anonymous said...

I raised three kids on a block with over 20 other kids. Not once did any parent ever think about; "Hey Kansas City, my kid needs to be entertained. What are you going to do to entertain him/her?" Maybe the black community could try parenting rather than complaining and gimme, gimme, gimme and that's not enough, gimme some more.

Anonymous said...

Stop and frisk each and every one of them.

Show only art house movies at the movie theatre.

Block the streets to the Plaza with check points where each car has to show ID and explain where they are going.

Anonymous said...

Get the fuck outta kc!
Let em have it. All good things come to an end, eventually.

I moved several years ago and haven't had to interact with a nigger in years, literally ..year's.

Anonymous said...

Set up a job fair on every corner, that should keep most of the niggers away. Wouldn't want anything to slow down that welfare check now would we!

Anonymous said...


I never turn my back, or let a black out of my site. Same applies to Troy Schulte.

Anonymous said...

The KKK cum guys are in full force today!

Anonymous said...

The patrons of the Plaza know there's a problem. The police know there's a problem. The politicians know there's a problem. The African American leaders know there's a problem. The parents of these kids either know there's a problem or just don't care to know what their little darlings are up to. So why are law abiding citizens having to BEG to get something done? Contrary to reports that no real harm has been done, serious injuries and violence have happened. I will tell you this...If I am on the Plaza and one of them touches me or walks by my table and intentionally knocks over my drink, I will beat the dogshit out of them. And let their parents come talk to me about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow…have you seen the movie? You are the typical Kansas City white person. Do you drive yourself crazy with your hate?

Anonymous said...

Stephanie they are niggers and have no idea how to be polite.

Anonymous said...

I guess the midnite basketball didn't work out so good.

Anonymous said...

You are a nigger probably.defending a nigger. Ive always thought the Klan were a huge joke of inbreds but your wonderful race is starting to make them look loke visionaries

chuck said...


God bless ya, but after you do, you will be arrested, then the DA in KC will prosecute you for felony assault, the parents will be on TV talking telling every one their child was on his way to choir practice, the East Side racism GPS system, now fully operational with the smell of money in the air, will locate you and your family, harass you and your family with the full support of the local media, lawsuits will be filed against Plaza business', the KCPD, you and anyone within a mile of the incident and you will be financially destroyed.

THAT is if you are lucky and the little cunts don't gang up on you and kill you, then of course, there will be no snitchin or if anyone is caught, a misdemeanor and a lecture will follow.

Anonymous said...

Violence must be met with violence. Citations and tickets are a joke and the Chief's spineless approach will only embolden these thugs. They need to see their own blood staining the streets, feel the sting of the pepper spray and feel the bite of the tazer. There must be zero tolerance for even trivial misconduct. Demand civility and courtesy, or kiss the baton. If the police won't do it, Kansas City needs vigilantes.

Wu Tang said...



Flint Lock said...

Well said Chuck. Did Wilson write that for you ? Just kiddin.

To the topic at hand. When a couple of the little porch apes get splattered in the streets of the Plaza, with yellow (no offense Wu Tang) crime scene chalk outlining their dead black asses, then and only then will there be any change.

Save the Plaza...those politically correct 'cunts' don't venture out after dark. No they are walled up, with their ADT alarms set on "nigger watch" and 911 dialed up on their smart phones just waiting to hit send.

Only thing that will stop these wild, jungle apes from running like a troupe of lowland gorillas on LSD is a bullet between the eyes. Perhaps a miss will bounce and hit Alonzo while he sit's in Starbucks sending out crime fighting Tweets. You know Jermaine will be downtown, depositing his Ad Hoc grant money to make his Benz payment. Jermaine, stopping at Bob Jones to get a pair of platforms is not considered "crime fighting".

Anonymous said...

The ability to choose NOT to interact with a nigger, is absolute bliss. Try it, you'll love it!