Thursday, February 27, 2014


So much hype about this town ignores the fact that over time Kansas City is getting even worse about providing services, taking care of basic infrastructure and just providing safe and non-gross drinking water.

Today's Example:

Fox4: The funny taste and green tint in Kansas City’s water is only temporary

KMBC: Water Service: KC water might taste, look different

So, it's off to the store to buy some Fiji water which is pretty tasty and clean and also destroys he environment of it's namesake island for no extra cost!!!


Westport Trucky said...

I'm not drinking this shit water that's for sure. I mean who can trust what the water department is sending out the pipes to us? Before long Kansas City be like Mexico, you have to tell your friends to not drink the water.

The Marlborough Man said...

HA! It's just the green snow! Right people? Just the funny snow, that's it! It's safe, drink up people, yummy, it's not poison, we swear. It's so good! Don't buy a water purifier, it's good for you right out of the tap, have some of that good Chloramine they use in treatment, yum! Not to mention how good that Fluoride is for for your stomach and intestines. Trust the TV, it doesn't lie!

elBryan said...

We were told that the strange water last autumn was natural, even though I can't ever remember that happening in a previous autumn.

Now it's happening again in February?! What's their excuse this time?

At one point, Kansas City had some of the top ranked tap water in the country/world.

I guess another way to look at it is at one point, Kansas City had the third largest streetcar network in the world.

Maybe drinking water and other basic services should take a back seat until Kansas City can reclaim its streetcar glory days of yore?

Anonymous said...

Last month I paid $63 in assorted fees for the privilege of using $18 worth of water. Now I can't even get a glass of good water without going to the store first. Whats wrong with this picture? They needeed to start fixing the sewers at city hall first as there is an awfull lot of shit there that needs to get flushed before we will realize any progress at all.

Anonymous said...

Soylent green is people.

Anonymous said...

Soylent green is people.

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