Friday, February 14, 2014

Kansas City Loves Ruckus

A few of you already watched Kansas City's greatest Left Vs. Right debate chat show this week but didn't offer much love . . .

It was actually a pretty great program even if I disagree with everybody's happy assessment of snow removal which is still an issue in Kansas City more than a week after the storm as we all wait for warm weather to really clear neighborhood streets . . . Take a peek at this week's episode of Ruckus:

Topics include . . .

- Clay Chastain Winning

- Fear Of Friends of KCI

- Happy Snow Talk

- The fight against Gov. Jay

And of course Roasts & Toasts is always a good time.


Westport Trucky said...

Should call this shoe Fuckus that's all they talk about is us getting fucked.

Westport Trucky said...

I meant show

Anonymous said...

Tony's unhappy about snow. mmmmm

Tony's unhappy about everything.

Nothing new here. Keep moving on.

Anonymous said...

Tony is cool shut up bitch

Anonymous said...

That's right Tony is cool so chill out and STFU before I send Glazer to your house to anal rape you so bad you won't shit right for a week.

Anonymous said...

RUCKUS---food for thought

From the start, we immediately observe that all of the Ruckettes are attired in red...yet host Mike Shanin is not! Seems he's not yielding to the old dictum "better dead, than RED."

Did someone say, "pyrrhic victory"? Better break out the dictionary folks, as he's not talking about gum disease!

CLAY CHASTAIN (a pariah? that the word you were looking for)
Gwen (she of silver bling) clarifies this confusing issue, while Yael blames the council for wasting time and money by mishandling Chastain's initiative. Mary comments on Clay's "strident arrogance." Woody gives legal advice on confronting a "blindfolded lady with a sword in her hand."

Friends of KCI
Mary calls on her memories from logic class, but gets flustered by Mike's teasing comments. WHOA! Grab your shorts Myrtle! Mary chastises the KC Star for blatant bias in coverage of the new KCI terminal issue. Yael makes no rebuttal to Mary's criticism. Mike makes the excellent point that public sentiment appears to overwhelmingly favor a terminal upgrade as opposed to a total redo, and cites the Steve Rose article.

Mike briefly waxes on his memories of a Tricky Dick some forty years ago. Is he following the lead of Michael Sam and outing himself? NO! He's transitioning the discussion to MO's governor Jay Nixon under threat of silly girl! Woody reports he can't read the governor's mind, but scores a zinger by quoting the then-Attorney General Jay Nixon. Mike states that he's not a mind reader either! Mary (the former nun) clears the impediments to clarity on this issue. Yael asks "is this really an impeachable offense?" Woody reports the legislature is "mad as hell about the governor exceeding his statutory authority."

Yael believes the recent snowfall may have had a positive effect on Mayor Sly's image. WTF? Mary regurgitates memories of Mayor Funkhouser. 20:53 in the video there's a defect preventing I'll skip forward

Woody toasts a hypothetical sports-talk show host who can avoid mentioning Michael Sam's sexual proclivities! Here! Here! Woody is GENIUS!! Gwen toasts the MO ACLU filing suit to recognize the rights of gay couples. Mary toasts Emily Parry(?) state rep from Mission who bashed Brownback in the Huffington Post over gay issues. Yael toasts KC Water Dept. for improvement. Mike roasts the Unified Govt. of WYCO for not updating their time/temp TV channel listings!

Melting Snow = SLUSHUCKUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony's supporters have showed up in the form of bad mouthed angry trolls.

Nothing new here. Move along.

Anonymous said...

It's just fortunate that the KCPT signal is weak and doesn't transmit this crap very far from KC, or the area would be a bigger joke and more flyover country than it already is.
Amateur night on the plains.

Anonymous said...

He'd fuck u up.

Ruckus or Fuckus ? I think it's Fuckus... said...

11:01 it's amazing how the translation from actual program to "your view" changed. I listened to 5 bloated ego, geezers, so out of touch they could not wipe their asses with a paint pole. But then that's why KC sucks. Voters listen to this lame shit.