Monday, February 17, 2014

Kansas City Latino Food Desert?!?!

I kinda have to disagree with columnist Lewis Diuguid on this one if only because the crowds at El Choppo in KCK test the patience of even the most committed immigration and Latino rights activists and Mexican grandmas are pretty good with a nearly mystical ability to make a well-prepared grocery list. Still, his insight is worthy of consideration: Food desert in Kansas City like shifting sands in economic storm


Anonymous said...

For once, I agree with Tony on this one.

Anonymous said...

If they don't have Dorito's Chili Verde it's a food desert. Simple as that!

chuck said...

Lewis, you dumb ignorant slut, there are few if any grocery stores, or any other viable business' in urban areas, because employees and customers have an increased chance of being murdered, raped and assauted there and that, again, you dumb fuck, is bad for business.

Anonymous said...

For poor 'ol Duiguid it will always be 1963.
But he thinks if somehow we just keep doing the same thing over and over again, maybe this time the results will be different than before.
Ignore behavior, or getting an education, or pretty much anything other than blaming others for your circumstances.
Duiguid is a classic example of ignoring reality and hanging on to the same tired old slogans.
At least more and more folks are ignoring his drivel every day, so I guess that can be called progress.

Wu Tang said...

Nothing better than a bowl of beans with whipped cream on top of them.

I just love to belch and fart at the same time. Gotta love the spic cuisine.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mi Dios!

Mr. Lewis DoBad has embarrassed himself MAYORMENTE (that means MAJORLY) this time!!!

"Food deserts in Kansas City shift like sands in a wind storm. In this case, though, the storm is economic, and it's another lasting effect of the Great Recession."

This opening paragraph will no doubt be used in future journalism classes to demonstrate poor writing skills. The reader questions if Mr. Dobad's brain cells are "shifting like sand in a wind storm" adrift within a rapidly emptying skull?

Interesting that he notes the Aldi opened in "the black community" while describing Mi Mercado's location as a "largely Latino community." There's a discrepancy here, some would say racial bias or discrimination, in Mr. DoBad's use of language.

"fresh meets" Mr. Dobad talking about meat, or was he referencing meeting new people while shopping? Either way, it makes no sense. When people say he's full of bologna, were they speaking literally?

In the closing paragraph, Mr. DoBad laments the fact that grocery shoppers will now have to travel an additional mile. Life is hard, life is difficult, it's just not fair. Perhaps the government should step in and guarantee that no citizen need travel off their block in order to procure groceries. Yes, I think I like the sound of that!

Lewis esta llena de pate de higado con una guarnicion de chucrut!

Anonymous said...

12:34 heard you were dead. No doubt wishful thinking by KCK city hall pigs.

Anonymous said...