Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Kansas City King Tut Exhibit Debut

It's very appropriate that Kansas City's redeveloped and money losing downtown tomb will be host to another historic crypt . . .

- Kansas City's Union Station will be the first site in North America to present a new exhibit, "The Discovery of King Tut."

- Union Station to ‘discover’ King Tut with exhibit that re-creates Boy King’s tomb

- Exhibition Explores Excavation Of King Tut's Tomb

In more interesting news, here's what really interests kids ages 13-45: Lara Croft returns in 'Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition'


chuck said...

Very cool actually.

Anonymous said...

So what chuck, you think Wilson is cool.

Anonymous said...

Is Steve Martin going to play Tut?

Anonymous said...

Actually chuck why don't you stick to your fact pointing comments about niggers and stop the Mexican and KCC ass kissing.

Anonymous said...

Now when he was a young man,
He never thought he'd see
People stand in line to see the boy king.
How'd you get so funky?
Did you do the monkey?
Born in Arizona,
Moved to Babylonia.
Now, if I'd known
They'd line up just to see him,
I'd taken all my money
And bought me a museum.
Buried with a donkey
He's my favorite honkey!
Born in Arizona,
Moved to Babylonia
Dancin' by the Nile,
The ladies love his style,
Rockin' for a mile
He ate a crocodile.
Now, when I die,
Now don't think I'm a nut,
Don't want no fancy funeral,
Just one like ole king Tut.
He coulda won a Grammy,
Buried in his Jammies,
Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia,
He was born in Arizon got a condo made of stone

Anonymous said...

Do they have adult-only times at Union Station for these exhibits? The small, unattended children really take away from the experience.

George Guestello is a fag........ said...

George Guestello has been looking for a gay guy in a Tut costume in the back parking lot. Georgie will blow him faster than he did the janitor at UMKC.

Anonymous said...

it's "hand-crafted reproductions of artifacts ..."

They must think we're a bunch of rubes.

A few years ago, a traveling Tut show featured real artifacts. That was worth seeing.

Flint Lock said...

That Guestello boy does seem gay. My sheep shiver when they see him running thru Union Station wearing that Princess Diana gown.

Anonymous said...

Man I have never seen anyone squeeze so much money out of a freaking mummy exhibit. They better dig up Marylin Monroe and give that one a shot.

Anonymous said...

lol @ FLint Lock, dude you are the man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lyrics 811.

However, last line "stona", not stone.