Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kansas City, Kansas T-Bones Open Tryouts

The Kansas City Kansan offers us advice on getting into the big show:

The Kansas City T-Bones will hold open tryouts for the 2014 season on Saturday morning, April 26, at 11:00 at Community America Ballpark.

Probably my favorite sports link of the day if only because it combines, false hope, a bad real estate deal and eager amateurs.

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Anonymous said...


Jordan Carver will be at the ballpark to judge who's sporting the hardest "wood"! The winner will be given an opportunity to go to bat, and try to get on base with Jordan waving them in!

Anonymous said...

another bankrupt business purchased by the pigs in KCK - loser town tryouts.

Anonymous said...

T-bones deal is baby crap compared to developing the lake and park.

Alfred Benesch & Company are the developers.

Hang on to your wallets the KCK whores are on the move.