Wednesday, February 12, 2014


TKC NOTE . . . Check this list of just a few of the things KCPD are doing right in Kansas City . . .

Police to be honored Thursday for murder investigations, other acts

A group of investigators who stopped a budding serial killer and several other officers and residents will be honored at a ceremony Thursday.

The ceremony will take place at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 13 in the auditorium of the Kansas City Regional Police Academy, 6885 N.E. Pleasant Valley Road.

A task force composed of investigators from the Kansas City and Kearney police departments will be recognized for their work solving the homicides of two women whose bodies were found dumped in the Northland. They realized the crimes were connected and the work of a possible serial killer. Their work led to the arrest of Derek Richardson. He gave a full confession and said he’d been interrupted by police trying to orchestrate the murder of another woman.

Sergeant Steven Griswold also will be awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for risking his own safety to catch a man as he attempted to jump off a 60-foot-high overpass. The whole incident was captured on department video.

Other officers will be honored for saving lives, apprehending dangerous suspects and developing innovative projects that have increased efficiency and safety for the City as well as department members.

Residents also will receive awards for helping a woman hurt in a serious injury crash and for assisting an officer who was being attacked on the side of the highway.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear the attaboys for the cops...but the bottom line is always the score.


Anonymous said...

Just don't ask what percentage of homicide cases have been solved.

Anonymous said...

I'd like the city to waste hours and tax payer dollars awarding me for working and getting paid...Hell Yes!

Anonymous said...

Will Jermaine Reed be there? He seems like he is an expert criminologist and VERY supportive of the police.