Monday, February 24, 2014

Kansas City Gigabit City 2.0

Just a bit of recent Kansas City Internets chatter to start the day:

Building the Gigabit City 2.0

Here's the clip:


"The installation of ultra-high-speed Google Fiber internet service in Kansas City is well underway. But what will it mean to residents day to day on a practical level? Building the Gigabit City 2.0 was an all-day event that featured demonstrations and groups discussions that explored how gigabit apps can impact regional issues."

More in a bit . . .


Byron the Nazi said...

Ok number one new post of the day for me to fuck up,
Flint, Super, Trucky, Pootie, The Fucking Bear and yes you Tony for siding with these racists I say


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

KC can't do dick with the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Lie's Lies' all Lie's

Flint Lock said...

Tony, please accept my sincere apology if I have disrupted you fine blog with my lame attempts at humor.

At 6:29 last night when I saw the topic you posted I realized the fireworks would begin shortly. I regret getting the popcorn and beer now. My only hope is that my lame attempts at humor have not damaged your blog. That was never my intent.

There are some really great characters that frequent this blog. Posting as anonymous, using made up names, and some using their own real names. Unfortunately I pushed one of these characters too far. That was never my intent.

Over time, I have thrown some "comical haymakers at Byron Funkhouser. While these "comical haymakers" had very sharp barbs, under no circumstances did I think ANYONE would take me serious. This is the INTERNET. With IP tracing, and the NSA monitoring web traffic worldwide, nobody in their right mind would do ANYTHING of a serious nature on the INTERNET. I mistakenly though everyone played by those rules. Boy, was I ever wrong.

I don't know Byron Funkhouser. I have no idea on earth if this is a real "person" or a "blog character like "the Road Runner, Woody Woodpecker or Bugs Bunny. Apparently this is a real live person. Last night, in a attempt at cheap humor, apparently I pushed Mr. Funkhouser almost to the point of a mental breakdown. That was never my intent. Oh, know that I was pushing this monikers button, and hard. But never in my wildest dream did I think the response would be as over the top as it was.

Most will agree, Mr. Funkhouser makes himself a easy target with some of his posts. He attacks others on a regular basis. Sometimes his attacks are in defense but may times they are unprovoked. Some of his points are very valid, others are way out in space…but that is his right to make such comments. This is the Internet, right ?

For my lack of judgement, and for my part in "pimping" a person the way I did, again, I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended.

Hopefully others will follow my lead and not hand a loaded "internet gun" to a person who obviously was near a "total mental collapse" last night.

I truly enjoy this blog and will read from a distance in the future, with limited comment.

I remain you humble hillbilly of the Ozarks,

Flint Lock...

Anonymous said...

The best part of the video, was watching the monkeys play with the electronic equipment. They actually looked almost human with their animal curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Gigawreck City

Googles moving on to greener pastures now.