Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kansas City Carriage Club GOP Convention 2016 Fundraiser Aftermath

KC Biz Journal: Fundraisers gather to support KC's GOP convention bid

Update . . . Mahoney blog has a better write-up: KC GOP Convention Bid Organizers Think High Dollar Funder Went Well


Westport Trucky said...

Dunn declined to say how much was raised during the event, but she said it was not a significant amount. Tickets cost between $1,000 and $10,000.

Interesting comment, guess Sly and the cronies didn't bring much cash. Wonder what each ticket got you in return. For 10 k I'm getting some sort of sex no if's and buts about it. I would say local GOP don't give a rats ass about any convention being here.

Pootie Tang said...

Pootie needz da GOP to comez 2 da CK. Pooties ladies be getting allz cleaned up for dem cracker pols.

Anonymous said...

I would be embarrassed to have them here. Other then they could show the world what happens when you let democrats run things. Think Cleavers old carwash would have some airtime? You bet.

Anonymous said...

Thurston: Buffy dear, what did you think of the Republican shindig?

Buffy: Oh Thurston, it was unbearable I tell you! The food was simply atrocious....faux caviar that likely came from a Truman Lake paddlefish and champagne from some obscure vintner, a Bollinger perhaps.

Thurston: Well dear, tickets were only $10,000 so I suppose we can't expect Beluga and Dom Perignon....hahaha!

Buffy: Oh Thurston, you're a scoundrel!

Anonymous said...

8:49 - well done. Clap clap clap!