Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kansas City Bittersweet Biz: Russell Stover Could Sell For Up To $1 Billion

Celebrate the good fortune of somebody else with this tasty tidbit about a company based in Kansas City that may or may not be contributing to so much adult onset diabetes.

Wall Street Journal: Third-Largest U.S. Candy Producer Could Sell for More Than $1 Billion

KMBC: Owners of Russell Stover Candies considering sale

KCTV5: Russell Stover possibly for sale

And before we all get carried away with all the sugary sweet sentiment about a somewhat local company made good. It's important not to forget the reality behind this tale . . .

QZ: China’s growing taste for chocolate is making it more expensive for everyone

Like it or not, the world is getting smaller and expensive American tastes are now a global commodity and thereby becoming more scarce and slightly less attainable.


Anonymous said...

Nice tattoo

Anonymous said...

Nice bonbons!

Anonymous said...

I am someone who know Kitty Stover,wife of Russell. I wish I could tell you the stories I know. It is tragic that this company would leave kc, but i can accept it. I just wish everybody knew the story behind it.