Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kaley Cuoco And More Kansas City Saturday

Kaley Cuoco inspires this quick consideration of Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- A Lesson In Changing Hype Tactics: Kansas City Public School District’s manager of public relations leaving

- Telcom Against Kansas Too: AT&T speaks out against 'discriminatory' Kansas bill

- Slight warm-up and Kansas City starts shooting again: Man seriously injured in KC shooting

- Logical Newspaper Conclusion For A Change: To reiterate, KCI remains a convenient favorite

- Cowtown Cheat: Former KC Business Owner Sentenced for $500,000 Tax Evasion

- Lesson In Suburban Jerks In Training: Parents: Bullying out of control in Ray-Pec School District

- Totally Gay Tiger Inspiration: Michael Sam holds extra meaning for one Missouri football fan

- All Because Of A Busted Fax Machine: One year later, scars of explosion at JJ's restaurant linger

- Hipster Racing For A Good Cause:  No pants, no problem: Runners hit the streets of downtown KC

- The Kansas chick with the knife in her head is scary but not quite local

- Sorta Spring Training: Royals pitchers, catchers start workouts in Surprise

- Joe’s Weather Blog: KC Getting Frustrated . . . Also, a lot of the streets suck.

This is the second Saturday OPEN THREAD so enjoy it . . .


Anonymous said...

The asshole who only got two years in the pen, compared to what he did, is a fucking hero!! Jeez, I'd do that in a minute. He'll go to "prison", get in shape, eat well, get any dental issues fixed, and be out in two. What a deal!!!

Anonymous said...

The KC school district had a manager of public relations?
They need someone who can turn lead into gold and convince the public a frog is a prince.
Is Mother Goose available?

Anonymous said...

All right! Another run for a good cause. Lets snivel about our lives being interrupted.

Anonymous said...

Cuoco is NOWHERE as hot as she thinks she is.

My girl friend, who is a chem major, could succeed in acting with her surrounding cast in BBT.