Friday, February 07, 2014

Jodie Gasson And The Kansas City Sit Down

Jodie Gasson and her NSFW sometimes tank top hotness starts our look at some of the more important mainstream media news floating around out there . . .

- Kansas City Season Of Meetings Set For Takeoff: KCI Advisory Board plots out February, March town halls

- Rock Chalk Equine Gun Down: Two horses found shot to death near Lawrence

- Smoking Out Crooks: NY Business Pleads Guilty in KC to Contraband Cigarette Trafficking

- Local Run-In: KCFD truck involved in wreck as crews head to apartment fire

- Justice Across The State Line: Man charged in KCK shooting

- Kansas City In Flames: Firefighters battle blaze on The Paseo

- Because Kansas City Needs More Lawyers: San Francisco law firm will bring 100 jobs to KC

- Fear The Phone: KCPD warns of phone scam

- Show-Me Increasing Snowflake Prep: MoDOT Prepares For The Next Winter Storm

- Jobs For Jocks: Mike Sweeney takes front office job with Royals

- Sub-Zero Cowtown: Joe’s Weather Blog: Lots Of Cold To Go + Some Snow

- Kansas City Hobos Need Help: Winter weather causes supply shortage at City Union Mission

Once again this is the OPEN THREAD for all topics off and otherwise interesting . . .


Anonymous said...

San Francisco law firm will bring 100 jobs to KC

Another swarm of locusts

Greg Gumball said...

Americans are incapable of tragedy. We’ll bright side anything. If anyone else had a retarded kid, they’d consider it an affliction or curse. But American Women will work themselves into saying they’re glad or they prefer it, or it’s a “blessing”. Saw a clip of a Downs Syndrome girl saying, “I love being Downs”. It’s better than persecuting them of course. But it can lead to some odd situations.

One of my professors told us he had a tard in one of his classes. This girl told him very firmly that she couldn’t be tested because she had “issues” with testing. She had a whole bag of little euphemisms that had gotten her into college. People were probably afraid of her because of the reign of Political Correctness. Never heard how it turned out. She’ll probably end up with a six figure salary. As the the mutant said on Dr Who, “All Norms must die”.

Anonymous said...

They'll get tax breaks and incentives no doubt while all the regular Joes flip the bill with continual tax increases and other hidden taxes designed to swallow them alive.

Anonymous said...

What about the god damn Polar Bear?

Anonymous said...

Jodie makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

What is with you fucks and your tax talk and shit? Dont you sexy a sexy girl in this thread???jesus...