Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Holly Peers And Kansas City Early Tuesday

Holly Peers and her friend starts this early morning peek at Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a look:

- City Hall Programming Note: The Latest Kansas City Weekly Report

- Show-Me Standoff Winning: Missouri Senate backing off reporting of stolen guns provision in gun rights bill

- Kansas City Crime Testimony: Only on FOX 4: Woman recounts close call with burglar inside her KC home

- Recent Cowtown Runaround: Woman injured after car fleeing police crashes in KCK

- Just Another Losing Kansas City Tech Fight: Some cities oppose state bills that would reduce their control over cellphone towers

- Suburban Surveillance Question: Do license plate readers invade privacy?

- This Week's Crime Meet: Cure Violence national director to attend Aim4Peace roundtable event

- Kansas City Nurse And Reality TV Hooker: KC nurse Nikki Ferrell fights back, moves closer to 'The Bachelor' finale

- Reliving The Plaza Boom: Nearby workers impacted by JJ’s explosion recall tragic day

- Alvin Sykes Profile: Self-taught Kansas City man becomes force for change

- Just A Bit Of Local Class: John Legend is coming to Helzberg Hall in May

- Kansas City High Tech Hooker In Training: Website helps connect young women with potential 'sugar daddies'

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic but maybe still important . . .


Anonymous said...

"Self taught" is another way of saying that this nigger flunked out of the regular school system.

Mr Bad Ass Ed said...

How about us guys looking for a sugar mommy.

Glazer is looking for a sugar daddy. While in jail he developed a taste for the white gravy.

Anonymous said...

The sugar-daddy story is bullshit.

Anybody who went to Kansas State know that Kansas State girls fuck for free at the drop of a hat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She's doijngnher thing don't hate.