Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hard News: Parkville Therapy Dog Reunion

Kansas City area weekend human and doggie interest journalism . . .

Fox4: Man and missing dog reunited live

KSHB: Plow driver's stolen therapy dog found

Hate on these stories all you want . . . In fairness, the public is more interested in doggie news than most poverty reporting.


Anonymous said...

So I guess all the audio visual stimuli of the casino, like flashing lights, garish interiors, and noisy slot machines have a calming effect on your PTSD?

I smell a scam KURT EKARD!!! Or is that just the stale beer and cigarettes, puke and piss of the casino's carpet? said...

Forget the dog, we should all pull together and pay for this poor lady and the millions like her who depend on us for support.

Not wanting to pay for this woman, and loving dogs more than this family makes YOU a racist.

Pootie Tang said...

Get that therapy dog a Dogloo on me.