Friday, February 21, 2014

Felicia And The Kansas City Friday

Felicia Day is one of our favorite nerd hotties and right now her ginger hotness starts our Friday . . .

- Worth A Look: Google Fiber Profiles Kansas City Gamers

- Obamacare Hope Of Sorts: Tens of thousands of jobs could be created if Missouri expands Medicaid

- Big Money Break: Bluford announces retirement from Truman Medical Centers

- Today's Kansas City Police Chase That Thankfully Ended Without Anybody Getting Killed

- Missouri Tragedy Unfolds: Child porn found at home of Hailey Owens' accused killer . . . Westboro Baptist Church plans picket at Hailey Owens vigil

- Dead Tree Media Loss: Hallmark-owned Crown Media reports smaller profit

- Sharks In Training: Program gives young KC lawyers (needed) trial experience

- Locals Needed As Props: Proud Kansas Citians sought for video shoot

- Rock Chalk Video Diary: “I’m Shmacked” in Lawrence not met with open arms

- Just A Bit Of Local History: New museum exhibit celebrates Thomas Hart Benton’s 125th birthday

- Rodeo in Town: Best 8 seconds in sports descends on KC

- The Weekend List: The Weekend To-Do List: February 21-23, 2014

And this the Friday OPEN THREAD for all things otherwise important . . .


Anonymous said...

So... has the Google Fiber magic completely transformed KC as we were led to believe? The next Netflix or Zappos being developed down at "Startup Village?"
Home prices positively skyrocketing when in a Fiberhood?
They didn't play the town for a bunch of cornfed rubes did they?

Anonymous said...

RE: Bluford Retirement From TMC

I'm sure this man did a good job leading TMC for many years, but what is NOT mentioned in the story is the TOTALLY OBSCENE pay package he has been receiving as CEO. This at a not-for-profit health center.

Please recall the disclosure of equally OUTRAGEOUS compensation plans for the administrators at Children's Mercy during the failed Translational Medical Research Tax initiative.

I don't care if you work seven days/week and live at your office, if you're principally funded by taxpayers, you don't deserve a million(+) dollars per year with lots of extra benefits added. SCANDALOUS!

Anonymous said...

Not for profit would mean communism.

Anonymous said...

RE: Bluford
He got the gold rim parachute !!!
"I would like to thank the eastside, without them (fake tear) this wouldn't be ....
New Ad
TMC We ain't snitching (insert grills, baggy scrubs and gaudy stethoscope here ) We be stiching