Thursday, February 27, 2014


Kansas City coffers are HURTING without cash from red light cameras so the debate in this town has been muted by mainstream media.

However . . . Other news outlets are more inclined to continue the discussion.

Check it:

Letter To The Editor Post Dispatch: Police chiefs misrepresent facts about red-light cameras

Money line:

The claim that Kansas City has had a significantly increased number of violations since the systems were shut down is just as empty. The camera chiefs fail to mention that KCPD’s own January 2012 study found the overall number of accidents increased 29 percent in the lanes monitored by cameras. Rear-end accidents increased 17 percent. When this study by the KCPD was released, the City Council scrambled to have the impartial study revised by the traffic camera vendor American Traffic Solutions, which released it some months later. It did not include the raw statistical data and magically summarized that despite increased accidents, “red light cameras save lives.”

What's more troubling to TKC is that we had politicos and some members of law enforcement swear up and down and testify that the cameras were legal but according to Missouri Courts that testimony was incorrect . . . Of course, laws change but the overwhelmingly negative public reaction to Kansas City spy tech seems proven correct.


Anonymous said...

Just what do you expect from the folks running the Police Dept. and City Hall? These people have acted the way the public perceive them. The City is led by a group similar to what you saw in Detroit, MI. There's only so far you can take bandwagon supporters. They are usually riding on four flat tires. Bankruptcy, here we come.

Anonymous said...

I had a cash cow once, sure do miss that woman.

Anonymous said...

I found it to be a pretty typical reaction by the joke press when the company making all the money on the cameras presents this dummied up video making it look like there was a red light runner every second. One thing you can count on in KC is if you hand the local press shit on a stick and call it rocket science they will run out and report it as mankind's greatest scientific invention without verifying a thing. The KC media clowns are about as thorough and accurate as someone trying to shovel hot butter up a bobcat's ass with a rusty nail.

Anonymous said...

So there is your honest police chief if the highest integrity? I'll take Pendergast any day.

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Anonymous said...

+1 9:49 Hilarious, too.