Friday, February 28, 2014

Congressman E.C. From D.C. Newsletter Advocates Higher Minimum Wage & Civility

Check the latest newsletter from Congressman Cleaver just posted online . . .


Anonymous said...

Pay your bills before you suggest anything to anybody...

Anonymous said...

Dear congressman Cleaver, thank you for the work you do.

Anonymous said...

Question to E.C. of D.C.: Are you part of the African American pastors who are calling for the impeachment of Eric "Tweety Bird" Holder?

B Mandingo said...

@6:14 only a nigger would support a grifter like Manny

Anonymous said...

Dumb ass Cleaver doesn't realize raising the minimum wage will increase the cost of everything and cause low wage employees to lose their jobs.

Anonymous said...

RE: E.C. From D.C.

#1 He panders to ignorant voters about raising the minimum wage, when in fact, he knows this will not be voted upon.

#2 He's pictured with Governor Nixon and SLMO Congressman Lacy Clay to "talk jobs." Clay blatantly discriminated against a white member of Congress, who represents a majority black district, blocking him from joining the Congressional Black Caucus. Cleaver is holding a cane, symbolically portraying the weak economy under his stewardship.

#3 My Brother's Keeper
Cleaver holding a cane again, while President Obama announces the new program specifically to help young men of color. Sorry white men and women, you're excluded.

#4 Black History Month
There's Cleaver again with his ever-present cane. This time promoting "Black" History Month, which while excluding other races, actually hinders future progress for the race by continuing to separate black Americans from the American melting pot.

#5 Civility Corner
This has become one of Cleaver's primary tools in attempting to deflect questions concerning his own malfeasance. Whenever, someone attempts to question him about the carwash, etc., he begins spouting rhetoric for civility and respect.

Have any KC reporters publicly commented on what the Congressman's cane was really needed for? (not knee surgery)

Perhaps it should be:
B.S. from E.C. in D.C.