Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Celebrate!!! Indignant Facebook Posts Stopped Kansas Anti-Gay Marriage Bill!!!

KMBC picks up a celebration of diversity in the Sunflower state or maybe just politicos getting too carried away with themselves before more serious budget discussions: Kansas senator says anti-gay marriage bill is dead


Glenn Bearnaise, Startup Village entrepreneur said...

I'm on a real roll... first it was KONY and now I've stopped this legislation.

Anonymous said...

I want to know the behind-the-scenes story to this. Were the Koch's behind it? Getting somebody to do their bidding, putting a toe into the water? They had to know there would be at least somewhat of a backlash against this but probably didn't expect this much attention. Something is going on. This is part of a bigger picture, I just don't know what.

Anonymous said...

Onm other news the Kansas Bureau of Conservation announced that Queer Season would be extended to July 1st through November 20th with free hunting licenses for all Veterans and Southern Baptists.