Friday, February 07, 2014

Bishop Finn Kansas City Legacy Noted In Sordid Story Of U.N. Vatican Rebuke

Kansas City shout out of sorts from The Boston Globe: UN panel assails Vatican on priest abuse


Anonymous said...

UN + Boston Globe = Nothing of value.

Finn is still in his job because he has increased vocations 400% and cleaned up many of the problems that existed here before - including old abuse cases that he led the effort to settle and provide help to the victims.

They also know that the misdemeanor "conviction" was an arranged deal with Baker which is why it goes away and disappears in a few months. There was no suspected abuse to report.

Anonymous said...

Catholic's you all some strange people. If I meet a new chick in first 10 minutes I seek out to see if she is Catholic. If so they are out of my life. Come why would you want someone in your life who turns their head to this type of child abuse?

Anonymous said...

Wow, 6:11. You must be smokin' some dynamite weed to come up with that fairy tale.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 6:11 is correct from a factual standpoint. One can debate what other considerations may or may not be a factor regarding Finn's assignment here but he/she is factually correct on the vocations and old abuse cases as well as the misdemeanor conviction being removed from his record.