Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bar Paly And The Kansas City Saturday

Bar Paly is our second favorite Bar but she's looking pretty good in this photo set that inspires us to start our Kansas City Saturday ...

- The Latest Kansas City Booze Crackdown: City suspends liquor license of Smuggler’s Inn and tobacco license of Royal Liquors for violations involving minors

- Local Shark Higher Authority: Husch malpractice suit goes to Missouri Supreme Court

- Show-Me Secret State Sponsored Killing Rush Order: Missouri Lawmakers Push to Put State Execution on the Express Lane

- Update On Alleged Killer: No bail for man accused of killing Hailey Owens

- Kansas City Quest For Justice: Family pleads for answers in young mom’s unsolved homicide

- Gov. Jay Keeps Jerking Around Mainstream Media: Nixon Questioned Again About Presidential Aspirations

- Education Question: Lawmakers: “Should Missouri Schools Meet Federal Standards?”

- Convenience Across The State Line: Kansas bill would allow 8-year driver’s licenses

- Show-Me Rewrite Consequence: What Missouri’s gun law change did

- Question From The Huff Post . . . Kansas: What Happened to Its Historic Leadership in Civil Rights?

Once again, this is the OPEN THREAD for this weekend morning . . .


Anonymous said...

Nixon for POTUS?

Give me a fucking break.

Anonymous said...

Maybe VP. Hillary does not look that well. President Jay Nixon, it is possible.