Friday, February 14, 2014

Amanda Cerney And The Kansas City Links!!!

Amanda Cerny celebrates Valentine's Day with her hottie bikini photo set and we're compiling all of these important Kansas City links . . .

- Jackson County Murder Consequences: Charges filed after man's body found in backyard of home

- Raytown School Trouble: Some area parents say district failing to address bullying issues

- Dangerous Cowtown Runaround: Driver fleeing from KC police crashes into another car

- Local Corporate Buying Spree: KC insurance company goes on M&A-fueled growth spurt

- Today's Scary Lesson: Girl tells police man followed her home, tried to get in house

- Sunflower State Protestations Of Innocence: Ex-KBI official's attorney: No child was in danger

- KCK Shooting Comeuppance: Shawnee man, 23, charged with premeditated murder of man outside KCK City Hall

- Show-Me The Effort To Make Dismantling Kansas City Public School Cheaper: Republican Mo. lawmaker files new measure targeting struggling schools, student transfer law

- Somebody Else To Contend With Koster: Brunner contemplating run for Missouri governor

- I Thought Our Missouri Democrat Leader Was Going To Be Hillary's First Lady: Is Jay Nixon considering a presidential bid?

- More Deets On An Upcoming Tax: Panelists discuss Missouri transportation funding options

- Dividing Up The Unaccredited District: Kansas City Public School parents to meet over boundary lines and uniforms

- Rock Chalk Politicos Reject Nicer Digs: Kansas committees nix bonds for KU basketball apartments

- It's Hard To Argue With The Kempers: Steve Paul: Two visions conflict over Kemper Arena's future

- Sledding Update: Downhill Racing In Kansas City? Yes You Can

- Kansas City Booze Renaissance: Two new breweries opened in Kansas City this week

- Rainbow Bunny Speeds Up: Google works to leave its Fiber in the dust

- A More Successful And Likable Golden Ghetto Ice Queen: Olympic Hopeful Pursues Her Blobsled Dream In Lenexa, Kansas

- We Love Kansas City's Valentine Neighborhood but hear they've been enduring a great many break-in recently . . .

Finally, we lament so many Kansas City romantics making what stats say will be one of the biggest financial and emotional mistakes of their lives: Valentine’s Day weddings at City Market

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for all things Kansas City and AWESOME . . .


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Pootie is the man

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