Sunday, February 02, 2014

Adriana Lima And The Kansas City Sunday

Adriana Lima and her angelic hotness starts this quick survey of Kansas City mainstream media links on this cold-ass Sunday morning.

Check it:

- Adios Kansas City: Effort To Halt Deportation Of KC Man Fails

- Nerd News Alert: TREKtacular Star Trek: the Next Generation cast reunion

- Watch A D-bag In Cycling In The Snow And Pretty Much Begging To Be Hit In This B-roll Footage

- Change Up: Kansas City Royals designate Emilio Bonifacio for assignment

- Dead Tree Media "Drugs Are Bad" Reporting Regarding Something A Bit More Hardcore Than Weed: Heroin is tightening its grip of destruction

- Show-Me Obamacare Suffering: Medicaid expansion: Hospitals feel pinch as Missouri, other states debate

- Front Page Story About Energy Struggle NOBODY Thinks Is Important: Power line opponents surge against wind energy transmission project

One more, this is the OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic but still worthy of mention . . .


Anonymous said...

Im sorry people have to die of drug overdoses but we need to ffill prisons and jails more than we need to deal with public health concerns Addicts are criminals and not sick people in need of medical treatment.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of bullshit

Anonymous said...

Oh so Josue Noe Sandoval-Perez had been thrown out once before and didn't learn his lesson fuck that whole family, throw them all the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

last I knew it was against the law to ride a bike on a I-35? Looks like this ass clown done it more than once. Arrest this fool before someone driving a car hits his fool ass and has to pay for it the rest of the lives because someone is an idiot.