Saturday, January 25, 2014


This morning and with help of AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS we take Kansas City to the forefront of a local preservation movement that challenges the integrity of local streetcar activists.

Check it:


To be fair, streetcar advocates have promised again and again that they don't want to mess with the residential park path. However . . .


Take a look at the outset of the local movement:

A recent mission statement:

"We are a community organization dedicated to preventing the Trolley Trail from becoming the pathway for a streetcar line from 51st Street southward."

Meeting notice and a bit of perspective:

"We must band together - there is no other way!!!! The downtown Transportation Development District was formed because of voter apathy due to lack of information. We cannot afford to have that happen, again!!!! Please come to the public meeting on February 5 at the Wornall Baptist Church at 7:00 pm. We must develop a strategy but more importantly we must implement it!!!!!"

We've offered a bit of a preview of this effort but now it's in full swing. Check their upstart FB for more deets:

The context here is that consultants posing as activists, stolen elections, Spanish junkets and behind the scenes emergency spending have created a palpable sense of mistrust for proponents of the streetcar part deux.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Better title: Staubio is getting a bad reputation in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

It's all part of the anti-auto groups such as Reconnecting America, which wants to put a toy train in everyone’s neighborhood and backyard no matter what the cost.

Anonymous said...

Good to see people are starting to wake up before the density crowd completely destroys midtown.

Anonymous said...

CK leadership is leading us off the cliff like lemmings. That should be obvious.

B Mandingo said...

Negros comming to your neighborhood in Waldo and Brookside....they Toy Choo Choo is-a-comming

Anonymous said...

Save the trolley track from having a trolley! KC hillbillies are priceless.

Save midtown from spooky density!!!

"Auto-haters" want to steal our carzzzz!!!!

Hahaha. This city is about 1/3 full of backwards hicks who want KC to continue its long slide towards being the next Oklahoma City. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Forbes ranked Oklahoma City #8 Best Places for Business and Careers.

Major Industries: Technology, Energy

Anonymous said...

This is a case of two nutty groups fighting each other.

Anonymous said...

8:14 AM sounds like Russ Johnson. Which explains why he runs for the elevator to hide every time someone tries to ask him questions.

Anonymous said...

Streetcar people are not to be believed. They are liars and cheaters.

Anonymous said...

Not only are they liars and cheaters but they will be gone in a flash as soon as the grass looks greener elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

The idea that downtown/midtown KCMO has "density" is a joke. KC may be an "urban environment" if you just moved from western Kansas, but for anyone who's actually lived in a city, KC is pretty much devoid of the many things that make a downtown urban.
Starting with PEOPLE.
The metro has a population of 2.4 million; 20,000 people live downtown.
Of all the jobs in the metro, only 16% of them are downtown KCMO and most of those are government jobs where people would not have chosen to work there had they not been forced to. Many of the half-empty commercial buildings are being converted to studio apartments; not exactly an indication of a great downtown renaissance.
If folks want to live and work in downtown KC, that's fine. But the notion that it's becoming some sort of exciting urban nirvana, and all at public expense, is just silly.
Time for some adult supervision at city hall and for all the big-talking urban futurist boosters to pony up some of their own cash.
All this nonsense is doing little than creating huge debt that the taxpayers in KC will find themselves living with for decades.
Drop the pom poms and grab a calculator.

Anonymous said...

@8:22 Forbes ranked Oklahoma City #8 Best Places for Business and Careers. Major Industries: Technology, Energy

Kansas City came in at #40

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell would come here to CK or whatever the hell it is with the current crew running things into the ground here in the inner city.

chuck said...


Nice post. I heard Cozad say on RUCKUS that every streecar effrot in every city is followed by economic development along the route of the streetcar, but in fact, that is becasue the city pulls it's pants down and subsidizes the development. He also made your argument, that the comparrison of other cites to KC is preposterous for the exact points you make.

Anonymous said...

Toy train is nice distraction to keep peoples minds off the fact all our manufacturing has left and moved to China.

Old Timer said...

Fuck these people. Some of my fondest memories are of hopping the trolley and going to suicide hill to go sledding. Besides, how the fuck did the trail get its name. Just because its been turned into fat-assed housewife waddling trail doesn't mean that it must stay that way.

Anonymous said...

If CK can't get it's act together and provide a decent, low crime, prosperous city it will be overtaken by Oklahoma City, Omaha and Des Moines all of which are doing much better than CK.

Detroit has all the things CK wants and look where they are.

Anonymous said...

KCs urban core is as dense as most of the other cities building or that already have built streetcars. In fact it was built with streetcar transit originally. And it won't get any denser without modern transit option and investments.

The suburban lifestyle is so wildly subsidized ad has been for so long that suburbanites exist in an entitlement mindstate now with no sense of perspective or economic reality. The neighborhood woody cozad lives in is so subsidized at every level of government that it literally wouldn't exist if you pulled the subsidy rug out from under it. Cozad is the biggest know nothing half baked faux libertarian right wing regurgitate in the city.

Sorry, suburbanites, this is a city, and a very cool one, and if you think OKC is the tits because you read a goofy ranking puff peice in Forbes, by all means go live there.

There plenty of suburban option here and elsewhere. Just cause the urban core is finally getting a sliver of the pie doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the heaping trough of gubmint funded culdesac and overbuilt interstate paradise you so clearly love.

Anonymous said...

Save our ATA historic transit right of way from soccer moms and strollers...who are going to keep their trail no matter what but don't want to share it with the purpose it was designed for even though that would in no way impact their morning walk or their lululemon fashion show fake workouts and it would greatly improve this city's most sorely lacking amenity and one that is increasingly important for the future health of American metropolises.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City was doing fine until you freaks came along 9:34 AM.

It used to be called one of best kept secrets in the U.S.

Now do us a favor and go jump off a cliff or the liberty memorial.


Nostradamus said...

Kansas City is a EPIC FAILURE. Look how Indy has skyrocketed past CK. OKC and Tulsa both shame CK. Atlanta, it has become huge in the past three decades, Nashville, Omaha, Des Moines. The list goes on and on. CK has become a toilet. You can trace it back to the first black mayor and he provided a blueprint for future leaders of CK to fuck the taxpayer dead up the ass. Funky was a bean counter and knew this would lead to the EPIC FAILURE we see before us. Funky had to be run out quick to keep the graft and crony deals flowing. Now we got Sly with Alonzo and Jermaine in training. No CK. You are the next DETROIT.

Anonymous said...

Oh and take your street car friends with you while your at it. Do the world a favor!

Anonymous said...

Here’s something most residents don’t consider while toting up their IOUs.

Kansas City’s overall outstanding government debt of $2.32 billion

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an activist group. Toy train has been a done deal for months and they NOW crawl out of the woodwork?

Anonymous said...

Kansas City isn't exactly known for it's engaged citizenry 9:57. Of course once you see vultures wearing bow ties circling over head you begin to take notice somethings up.

Anonymous said...

9;32, your urban core is finally getting a sliver of the pie? Your roads, sewers, water etc we're all built by the gubmint just like the burbs. And the gubmint has and will pay for their rebuilding. Oh yeah, you use the highways too. Call all that even.

Your entertainment district is costing the gubmint $20 Million per year. I don't think Zona Rosa is costing the City quite that much. Advantage to you.

Oh yeah, far as I know no single family home in the burbs gets TIF breaks. Your redeveloped loft in the core however gets all sort of subsidy to be marketable. Big advantage to you.

Anonymous said...

My advise to all the new urban types and density addicts is MOVE TO FUCKING NEW YORK CITY if you don't like it here.

Anonymous said...

And enjoy your $2597.00 a month dump studio apartment with a view of a neon light and brick wall!

Anonymous said...

The Simpson's Monorail episode . . . Jebus!

Anonymous said...

The recent developments with the streetcar scam inspire hope for the future.

The train will move homeless from the river market to union station and no further.

Steve Finnell said...


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Anonymous said...

Jesus Steve. You are a bigger asshole and annoyance than Byron. Spam is spam even when in religious language. Go away you spammer. At least Byron provides comic relief. I bet if we put you under the microscope we would find some sin.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared of change. It makes
Me feel weird. And I think Indianapolis and OKC and Tulsa are cool.

Hahhahahhahahah. Fucking suburbadroids.

Kansas CITY. Don't like the city part then move to kansas. Fucking rubes

Anonymous said...

Fact check:

Zonal Rosa has a TDD...and I didn't get to vote on it.

Anonymous said...

Zona Rosa is a million times more mixed use than Brookeside. Brookeside is the first suburban strip mall. The trolley was built to take urban residents to a clean and sterile shopping area. JC Nichols saved money on parking lots because of the trolley.

Anonymous said...

8:22 nails it.

Anonymous said...

8:22 nails it.

Anonymous said...

We got to be like Portland. Oh really? Did you know....

Portland’s South Waterfront UR distict is broke
Portland is taking money from basic services to build showcase developments.
Portland’s bike riding US rep drives a SUV
Portland housing costs double what is should
Portland driving increased more than Vancouver WA
Portlanders voted against high density.
Downtown Portland is losing jobs
Portland builds projects with backroom deals

Anonymous said...

Most ridiculous proposal ever.

No one in their right fucking mind wants this monstrosity running through their neighborhood.


Anonymous said...


Kansas City's Power and Light district is broke
Kansas City is taking money from basic services to build streetcars and go to Spain and Washington junkets.
Downtown Kansas City is losing jobs
Kansas City runs on backroom deals

Sounds like we are well on our way to being Portland! Choo! Choo!

Anonymous said...

Another part of the demographic equation many of these genius city planners and myopic visionaries fail to consider when in planning for growth in metropolitan (south of the river) Kansas City is Johnson County, primarily Overland Park and Olathe. College Boulevard and the area south of it is a monument to the stupidity, incompetence, political infighting and politics of the so called city leaders and government. If Kansas City were a self-contained entity like an Indianapolis or Oklahoma City, revitalizing the downtown could be a reality but that ship long ago and his harbored in southern Johnson County. Why throw your money away if you are a private investor in metropolitan Kansas City when you can get more bang for your buck in Johnson County or north of the river?

Afrika Bambaata said...

The argument that anyone who is against the streetcar is against change, progress or a hillbilly rube is EXACTLY parallel to the smearing the right wing does anytime military forays into other 3 world countries is questioned. Those folks are labelled anti-American, un-patriotic and ungrateful.

The labeling without providing ANY argument is part and parcel right out of the old Sean Hannity Cockgobbler Playbook

Anonymous said...

So I guess our urban planners and all 375 of their supporters assume everyone living out here are going to need this trolley, toy train, or whatever the hell it is to get to downtown CK to pickup our welfare checks and SNAP cards?

Anonymous said...

One thing is clear, now we all know the real reason they wanted Funkhouser out. Because this charade would have never seen the light of day.

Anonymous said...

You honestly think the po folk living east of Troost are gonna vote themselves a 1% sales tax increase just so some rich white urban core hipsters can ride a trolley car from
Waldo, Armour Hills, and Brookside to the Plaza Art Fair once a year and maybe to Westport to drink without having to risk getting stopped for drunk driving?

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt Sly is going to give his peoples over in East KC the toy train. So they are officially exempt from the madness. Appears he pretty much depends on Cleaver to toss the crumbs to them over there.

Anonymous said...

NEVER trust or believe anything a nigger has to say. That means ANY nigger...

Abcnkc said...

I wonder if Anonymous has ever used public transit? More and more the bus lines are coming to more neighborhoods, but unfortunately only the bus drivers and their sign hangers know it. It will take a lot to get us out of our cars, but sooner or later it has to be done.

The trolley is a done deal and has to start somewhere, even if the beginning tracks seem like a "froo- froo route" to some. If the Trolley Trail athletes only knew the cost savings of using city owned property for the right of way, maybe they could see the adventure in using the train to try new trails until their new improved neighborhood trail is ready for them.

Has anyone looked at the transfer of the easement from the original trolley company to the city? I would not be surprised if it didn't say something like that the city can use it until it is needed for it's original purpose. That is the way the national rails to trails is written.

When I can I will vote yes to funding a future I will use.

Anonymous said...

You'll vote for "the future" until the next bright shiny new thing comes along from the urban futurist industrial complex, and then you'll move on to something else.
And the adults who actually own property and try to maintain businesses in KCMO will be left with about 20 years of $10-15 million/year debt for a 3-5 year fad.
The futue of the KC metro is will be based on enjoying, appreciating, and improving on what makes this area a great place to live, not on some inferiority complex-driven yearing to be like somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Sorry suburbanites, you had your turn. Now all there is to show for it is suburban blight, ghetto ozone ranch house developments an mor locust like consumption and sprawl. The suburban paranoid racism is tearing it head here and everywhere else you leeches pop up.

The future scares you, we get it. Sorry you made a bad investment in you split level reverse 1.5 storey fake new money tacky Ponzi scheme house but that the breaks. We're tied of feeding you the suckers and getting nothing but whiny crocodile tears in return.

"Bwaaaaaa, the northland never gets anything"

"Bwaaaaa sojoco is where I want to be why doesn't everyone else want I exist in bland land"

"Bwaaaaaaasaaa why do I have to pay my share for the metro that supports my unsustainable lifestyle choices from the 1980s era"

Fucking hayseed suburbanites. You chose unwisely. Obviously that makes you gnash your teeth but not everybody want to participate in your no future white American nightmare.

KC is a cool little town with a lot of kick ass culture and people are starting to wake up to that fact, here and elsewhere. Your op culdesac is a featureless anonymous phalacy from a dying era. You are a relic and so is your welfare queen lifestyle. We're tired of subsidizing you. Either on your own while the fcking city rises and rats your Lilly white candy assed lunch you bunch of parasites

Anonymous said...

Cato, show me, Koch bros and other non biased sources say infrastructure is bad unless it's road for private cars and tax breaks for sprawl. I trust these unbiased sources implicitly and in a totally not racist way do not trust anything black mayors or presidents at for. Not racist though. Black will rob is on the train though in a not racist just the facts way. Also I live in Lenexa but it's still my business because I'm a white man and the world waits for my opinion

Abcnkc said...

And I do look forward to exploring and enjoying the things that make my hometown great and interesting. And I hope I can do it from the train. We should have done it a long time ago, it just wasn't our time.

Anonymous said...

That's great theory there until you get tired of your car getting broke into, paying a shitload in property taxes for schools you don't use, irritating the hell out of your family friends selling shit for your private school, and your wife gets tired of walking around with her hands in her purse holding her wallet and mace

Anonymous said...

Should have done it a long time ago is right. We'd be like Denver or Minneapolis, instead of barely better than Omaha and Indianapolis

Anonymous said...

Americans will buy 16.4 million new cars and light trucks this year. Driving is still on the increase after ten years of growth, used car prices are going down with easy financing, so enjoy your 11 mph tin cans attached to overhead wires with gangstas' sitting next to you staring at your wallet and we'll enjoy the comfort and convenience of our private vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Byron has been run from this blog

Anonymous said...

Steve, so god made a son, sent son to earth so people would kill god (via jesus) to save people from gods wrath? And that makes sense to you? Cute.

Byron Funkhouser said...


Anonymous said...

A train from a hotel to the bars built for the chinese business men who only want hookers and scotch will not have a problem on the train. Sly bought them

Anonymous said...

Driving is going up!!!!

Private auto use is inexorable!!!!

Everything will always be like it is right now for me!!!!!

Also, casual racism and a nearly retarded suggestion that crime is more common on public transit that in cars!!!!! Apparently I never heard of drive bus, car jackings, grand theft auto, or getaway cars!!!!!

It must be hard to be FUCKING WRONG:

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

You know your whole "whites only" train is racist?

Anonymous said...

property taxes are higher in joco you fucking dimwit.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you agree with the streetcar, everyone does know that the Country Club right-of-way is owned by the KCATA and is there for transit, right? With that said I thought streetcars were supposed to run in the streets.

Anonymous said...

It's been used not for transit for over 40 years, almost half a century. I'd say that amount of time changes it's purpose.

Anonymous said...

there plenty of suburbs for the suburbanites.

But theres only 1 city here, and its time it acted like one.

Anonymous said...

1:23 that argument is very dangerous and thankfully not legitimate