Friday, January 17, 2014

The Kansas City Friday Link Pool

A Maxim threesome inspires this Kansas City midday collection of important local links.

- Yet Another Local Foodie Guide: Checking Out KC's Restaurant Scene

- Naming The Dead Across The State Line: Victim of deadly shooting outside KCK City Hall identified

- Columnist Lewis Diuguid Makes An EXCELLENT Point Against The Toy Train: Paying for fixed rail expansion could put brakes on system in Kansas City

- Suburban Crash Report: Student struck by car in Lee’s Summit

- Kansas City Food Nasty Journalism: Gates, Tanner's, Waldo Pizza among area food establishments cited for health code violations

- Midwest Payout Ration: Kansas Ranks Near Top, Missouri Near Bottom When It Comes To Malpractice Laws

- Almost Spring Training In Kansas City: Royals agree to terms with Hosmer, Hochevar, Bonifacio

- Toys Next To Swedish Meatballs: New Hobby Lobby could move next door to metro's first Ikea

- Local Fight Over Vapor: Debate growing over e-cigarettes

- The Plays That Defined A Disappointing Kansas City Football Season

As always, this is just one more OPEN THREAD for all of the off-topic and otherwise gully conversation . . .


Anonymous said...

All these links go to lame stream media stuff.

Anonymous said...

And that's why they're not posts.

Anonymous said...

Louis Dieugud is a moron. Are they going to card people when they board the streetcar to determine who pays how much? Besides, I thought it was free to ride. The downtown one is. What are they going to do-stop at Union Station and make everyone already onboard pay money if they want to go on south?

Does anyone at City Hall ever think ahead and anticipate unintended consequences?

Anonymous said...

Blogging, and other forms of social media, became mostly amplifiers of establishment ideas, a place for people to share links to mass media content.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant but wrong.

Blogging is for bewbs!

They don't give me bewbs on CNN.

Not yet anyway.