Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Show-Me The 'Union Killer' Bill

KCUR dicusses the pros and cons of this controversy that's soon to consume Jeff City: "As written, the so-called “Freedom to Work Act” would bar workers from being required to engage or cease engaging in labor union activities as a condition for employment."


Anonymous said...

fighting for wage and benefits is so oppressive

Anonymous said...

It's about fucking time this came to Missouri. If these government unions such as L-42 are prevented from getting fair share contributions from non-members, then they will have to work a whole lot harder to have money to bankroll candidates or fight their enemies. Truthfully, I would be happy if this law only applied to government unions, not the private sector.

Anonymous said...

All unions should be subject to this in every state. I guarantee its gonna pass in MO if put up for a vote.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we need to get rid of all those unions.

If we don't, we're gonna end up with a state full of undesirables such as me: people who, after working under union contracts most of their lives, now can afford to live decently in retirement without having to work anymore.

I'm happy that you think unions suck. Hope you enjoy having to work for shit wages and benefits until you can't work anymore, and then eating cat food until you die from lack of medical care.