Sunday, January 26, 2014

Show-Me Lackluster Job Numbers Amid The Reign Of Gov. Jay And GOP-Run Missouri

Columbia Tribune adds up Gov. Jay's record on jobs and let's not forget the GOP controlled General Assembly has run through the past 4 sessions without passing a jobs bill they've been promising: "Recent trends show accelerating job growth in Missouri, but some other employment numbers are not as good when measured since Gov. Jay Nixon took office in January 2009 . . . Since Nixon took office, however, Missouri has lost 30,000 payroll jobs, while every neighboring state has shown gains."


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how bad it could have become had the gov had his way with Boeing. Can you imagine the hit that $1.7B would have had on every other business in the state? Perhaps the reason our neighbors kick our collective ass is that they play this game to a lessor degree than us.

Anonymous said...

Seriously folks, knowing what you know would you bet your business and livelihood in Missouri???