Tuesday, January 07, 2014

New York Times Considers 'Physical Devastation' Of Kansas City Chiefs Defeat

Frank Bruni considers the Kansas City Chiefs loss in terms of concussions and injury . . . New York Times: Football’s Devastating Harvest

Money line: 

"One of the most discomfiting football games I’ve ever seen, a blunt reminder of how much pain we fans endorse in the service of our pleasure. All in all five players for the Chiefs went down, exiting before the end of the fourth quarter, and the team’s defeat was inextricable from its physical devastation."


Anonymous said...

To many times to the same well. Haters only have so much endurance.

Anonymous said...

The game was rigged. There seems to be a pro game rigged every year and this was the one. Hard to believe the taxpayer are paying for a suck ass NFL team for Clark Hunt's tight asshole.

Balsac said...

Now that's high quality opinion journalism!

Anonymous said...

Football is a blood sport.

If you do the same thing with dogs or chickens, they put you in jail.

If the dogs or chickens got paid millions. drove around in Bentleys, consumed the best dope and fucked the hottest bimbos, that would would make it acceptable. Otherwise, of course, it's just cruelty.

Thuggish savagery for the entertainment of subhumans. That's all it is. Making taxpayers subsidize it is monstrous.