Saturday, January 25, 2014


A bit of a Kansas City Barbie Funny for Saturday night that's being recycled across local social media.

Kinda cool since this Internets parody actually originates before the Web 2.0 era and long before the current gigabit craze.

To wit . . .


Some of these are kinda racist, most of them are offensive but all of these "barbies" are kinda funny for those online denizens who haven't let the Internets kill their sense of humor.

Check it:

I wonder if they have a GKCWPC edition update?

Sadly, the fashion accessories still hold up.

After the 2008 market crash this Barbie is finally making it back on her feet and ready to take on the Chinese debt market calamity that's soon on the horizon.


I always wondered what Barbie's parents did for a living in order to subsidize her lifestyle.

In fairness, this is the only Barbie that can dance.

Suspension of disbelief finally tuned out for TKC and had to stop myself from looking for her number.


Anonymous said...

Dated most of these barbies. they're not all bad.

Anonymous said...

When you pull their string, what do they say?

Westport: Would you like some more organic chamomile tea?

Belton: Let's go out somewhere fancy tonight, I'm thinking Sonic!

Overland Park: So then she says, "yada, yada, yada."

Grandview: After KJ becomes a rap star, we're gonna buy a big house.....I swear!

Plaza: Oh my dermatologist is the BEST! Her Botox is a special blend from Europe.

Prospect: I'm in a transitional phase of my life.

KCMO: Streetcars? I've pulled a few trains in my life!

Anonymous said...

6:12 LMFAO......+1

Anonymous said...

Prospect Barbie is way too thin. Needs about 200 lbs. added to her.

Anonymous said...

Where are Crossroads, Downtown Loft, and Streetcar Barbie?
Tats, black skinny jeans, red tennis shoes, latte's, artisenal cocktails, organic arugula, no real job, but a striving entrepeneur.
And Daddy Barbie picking up the tab.

Anonymous said...

You forgot:
Westside Barbie: A sassie Latina barbie who's a lot of fun but full of drama.
Power & Light Barbie: A fake Jersey Shore wannabe Barbie who only comes into existence on the weekends.
Eastside Barbie: Another fun barbie who always get into fights and a sneaky one.
Waldo Barbie: Uppity Barbie bitch who thinks everyone is beneath her but really can barely pay her own bills.
North East Side Barbie: Works at Walmart, parties on her backyard, and had three baby daddies.

Anonymous said...

39th Street Barbie: Pretty, fashionable, intellectual and well educated barbie but a manic bipolar bitch who will turn on you at the blink of an eye and scratch your eyes out.

Anonymous said...

Mudshark Barbies ar all the rage.

Anonymous said...

Gimme a Brbie with Gold Fronts and a "40" betwixt her ebony legs. I hate that Barbie is so white.

Drown that gurrllll in Sizzuurrppp and my enlightened politics that bring that cash and Jordan kicks.

Anonymous said...

Great T! And accurate.

Anonymous said...

Byron Barbie, the welfare collecting fraud Barbie.

Anonymous said...

What about the East KC Twerking Booty Barbie and the Ghetto Mamma SNAP card Barbie?

Anonymous said...

Does that Prospect Barbie write blog comments using the name Bi-Ron FartTrouser?

I think he had a Hillbilly part in the movie Deliverance. His most famous line was "Squeal like a pig for me."

Anonymous said...

Where's the 20 something Stoner Barbie?

Anonymous said...

This is really recycled shit, Tony. This subject was dealt with in an email about five years ago

Byron Funkhouser said...

Ms. 8:18 & Ms. 8:41

Thanks for the shout out, cowards.

Where's the anonymous troll barbie?

Anonymous said...

She's in Maryville.

Anonymous said...

West Virginia Bat Shit Crazy Barbie

Anonymous said...

Only Troll around here is Byron the stupid asshole.

Anonymous said...

wifey fucked pops and claimed to you it was raep, lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. Please do a KCK series. Not much to laugh about over here. Would love to see city hall Barbie wearing a sundress, hooker Barbie working the BPU hotel, Legends Barbie wearing cut-rate clothing, mayor Barbie growing a pair, Barbie/Ken cop in an alley get'n some...hope this helps get you started.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Prospect Barbie be laying down with a chalk line drawn around her?