Tuesday, January 07, 2014


With a rather EPIC bit of reporting and analysis, the Northeast News perfectly explains the Toy Train Streetcar Spanish junket to their loyal readers.

Check it:

Trip to Spain? Give me a break

Here's a bit of rhetorical prowess in action from publisher Michael Bushnell that shows us exactly why newspapers are essential to our Democracy:

Public Trust?

Well that’s out the window, right along with the rigged up, gerrymandered vote for this horrendous, pardon the pun, toy-train, train wreck. Never mind the austerity measures put in to place to save the cash strapped city budget, measures like the hiring freeze imposed from the 29th floor or the reduced mowing schedule for parks and vacant lots. These are cuts that directly and negatively affect the level of and delivery of city services to customers. Yes, customers; that’s what we taxpayers are. And in the midst of all this, Mr. City Engineer wants to travel abroad (with “staff”) on the taxpayer’s dime to study streetcar trucks and build specifics?


Click to read the MUST READ update that lays out the situation in EXPERT newspaper style that should leave readers demanding explanation from City Hall.

Lesser Newspaper Links . . .

Star: KC officials traveling to Spain on streetcar mission

KC Biz Journal: KC will send three city staff members to Spain for streetcar workshops


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT QUESTIONS! But will Sly answer them? That's the real question.

Anonymous said...

Wanna put TKC on the map? Organize a march on city hall protesting the trip to Spain. This is something that all walks of life will be pissed at. As if the toy train isn't the biggest scam ever, they rub our face in it with this trip. Somebody get the ball rolling on Facebook. I'll start making torches!

Anonymous said...

Once again, a neighborhood newspaper or a blogger shows the Star how poorly they are doing their job of protecting the citizenry.

Anonymous said...

They can't clean the streets, City Hall hiring is froze and they are starting layoffs and these people are going on a taxpayer funded vacation? Fire the city manager.

Hyperblogal said...

Police civilian employees over-worked with slots not filled, hiring freeze at city hall, wage freeze in the city... but we have money for trips to Spain. Interesting.

Marvin Pontiac said...

All you cornfed rubes that fell for the flatlining EKG mailer and voted in favor of the e-tax extension: real nice work, you gave the message that the feeling of being ass pounded while city council members showed vacation slides was agreeable to you. Really well done.

TS said...

Freeze this!

Now bring a cheeseburger and some enchiladas.

Anonymous said...

Just remember a few basic things:
The purposes of KCMO city government are:
1. Subsidize anyone with a pulse who promises to build something.
2. Give away taxpayers' money with no discernible criteria or any accountability for results.
3. Pander to every little special interest and political identity group and promise them they'll get "their fair share".
4. Look out for yourself, your friends, and anyone you think can help you when you "run for the next public office".
If you keep these basics in mind, nothing that comes out of 12th and Oak will be a surprise.
All aboard!

Anonymous said...

you both sound like a couple of raving lunatics about the matter.

elMoron and Colonel Slanders, partners in grime.

Anonymous said...

You hate it because it's the Toy Train.

If you want to do some work, file a records request for travel and you will see this is a pittance. Of course, that might cost you $22.50.


Anonymous said...

A pittance here and there ads up to a billion budget full of waste

Anonymous said...

My tax dollars buy some nice shit. If its "a pittance" for a trip to the Spanish coast, post your email so we can arrange for you to buy me a 4 day stay 8:25.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need to send some City employees on junkets to the plants that manufacture asphalt trucks, lawn mowers and snow removal equipment, too.

chuck said...


Anonymous said...

And pencil factories, and computer factories, and post it note factories, urinal cake factories.

Anonymous said...

Point is, it terms of all of the KCMO travel, this is a small percentage.

Hiring frozen, travel for "selecteds", not so much.

Anonymous said...

It is a pittance but the idea that they can spin this trip as necessary just exposes city hall for the liars they are.