Friday, January 17, 2014


This afternoon KCPD Chief Forté pens an EPIC response to a Dead Tree Media report that highlights his work in curbing the local murder rate.

Check it:

Solving and preventing homicides calls for community cooperation

Money line:

"I have made improving relations between police and the community one of my top priorities as Chief of Police. It works hand-in-hand with my other top priority: reducing violent crime. While 45 percent of 2013’s homicides are technically not cleared, our detectives know who the suspects are in the majority of them. But witnesses often won’t assist with prosecution. The more we get those witnesses – and the community as a whole – to trust us, the more cases get solved. We can eliminate the desire for vigilante justice that turns murder suspects into victims. When the community understands that police can help bring real justice, the needless tit-for-tat violence that endangers innocent bystanders will decline. We are working to bring that understanding through programs like the Kansas City No Violence Alliance (KC NoVA). This program targets our city’s most violent offenders – the ones who insist on perpetuating this cycle of violence – for aggressive prosecution. For those less-violent offenders on the periphery, it offers them a way out through support and social services."

Again, we recommend reading the post in its entirety that offers a look at Kansas City's best effort and last hope of bringing the recent violence spike under control.

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Anonymous said...

And now, let us watch as the maggot-encrusted gold that is TKC's racist crowd squiggles to life.

Anonymous said...

...and anyone who believes that Forte has worked hard to win over the community needs to see me about a bridge I'm wanting to sell.

Anonymous said...

Start with Harry Stone.

Anonymous said...


Dr, Ernest Evans said...

Dear Mr. Tony: Thanks for posting this info!! If the city wants to do anything to increase the clearance rate for homicides they have to do the one thing that they most don't want to do: Tell the cops on the beat that if accused of racist misconduct they will get due process and fair media coverage. A massively disproportionate number of the uncleared homicides are of black victims--the cops don't want to follow up leads or press investigations for fear of being accused of racism. If anything, the city seems intend on making the situation worse--as they did in the excessively harsh sentence passed down on Carl Counti. There has been a "reign of terror" in the black neighborhoods of KCMO since the spring of 2008--if they city elite wants to stop that reign they are going to finally have to get the guts to stand up to the local versions of the Politically Correct Thought Police. Take care!! Sincerely and Respectfully, Ernest Evans