Monday, January 27, 2014


TKC NOTE: Check this MUST READ message from Dr. Ernest Evans that puts Kansas City crime in a historical perspective.

Potential Turning Point For Kansas City

Einstein said it best: "Prognostication is difficult, especially about the future"--and who wants to contradict Einstein? But, I will go out on a limb and say we have just achieved a potential turning point in KCMO's war on crime.

That turning point was Chief Forte's very public "smack down" of Councilman Reed's charges of racial profiling. The Chief was saying to the cops on the beat: "I will protect you against unfair charges of racism."

To understand the potential impact of this incident recall how in April 2010 then-Chief Corwin very publicly and forcefully "smacked down" city councilman John Sharp when he charged "racism" in the KCPD crackdown on the Plaza--Corwin left the police station, went to city hall, and publicly defended his officers in the council chambers. That step in "backing up the cops on the beat" had a most positive impact: In the last 12 months of the Funkhouser Administration (May 1, 2010--April 30, 2011) there were 98 homicides (In the preceding 12 months there had been 116 homicides)--making this one of the few 12 month periods in the past 15 years where we have been below 100 homicides for KCMO.

 And, for the record, I am not calling for some sort of "Dirty Harry" response to KCMO's crime problems--what I am saying is that a white cop in KCMO in 2014 accused of racism is just as much entitled to due process as was a black man in Mississippi in 1914 accused of raping a white woman.


Anonymous said...

JEBUS, what world do these people live in? Last nigh we get a insane dribble from Ape Mayor that CK is a vacation destination, great place to open new business (grocery at 39th Troost), great place to raise a family.

Now this moron tells us "we go a grip on it". Yeah, like Byron "gripping" a young boys joint.....

Anonymous said...

I am totally cool with a "Dirty Harry" response, just for the record.

Anonymous said...

When the KCPD is allowed to be more than ticket writers maybe the crime problem can be solved.

Anonymous said...

If it's a "Dr. Evans" post, it must be time to drop multiple irrelevant random quotes from others, and make sure to mention the Salva case.

In Buddha,
Dr. Know

Anonymous said...

Um the us government didn't exactly like Einstein. His politics were grounded in reality, which made it difficult for him to get by in hucksters-r-us.

Anonymous said...

Props to Chief Forte' for backing up his troops.
But the bigger story is that NOT A SINGLE ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICIAL including the mayor, chair of the public safety committee, or president of the police board had a thing to say.
The cops view their own jobs as their professions and their careers and correctly look at the elected and appointed folks they work for as behaving as though the whole thing was just a hobby, a game, and a little club that gives them special benefits that the public isn't even aware of.
Would you trust or count on any of those folks to back you up?
Not a chance.

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