Saturday, January 18, 2014

Missouri Execution Drug Or Firing Squad Fight

Missouri politicos have started the silly session with debate over the proper way to conduct state sanctioned killing.

Check it:

KMOV: Growing concerns over Missouri execution drug

Ozarks First: Audit Will Probe Execution Procedures, Drug Procurement

STL Public Radio: Missouri Lawmakers Call For Investigation Into State's Execution Method

US News: Some states look at reviving firing squads amid shortage of execution drugs

Fox: Missouri death-row inmate seeks execution drug recall, says drug expired and stored improperly

In the end, no matter how we kill poor people . . . We can be sure it won't really make anybody feel safer, make up for the crime they've committed or do anything to prevent more killing. In fact, there's an argument worth considering which contends executions simply perpetuate a pervasive cycle of violence in our society.


Pootie Tang said...

Firing squad to quick for the likes of needs to be slow...

Byron Funkhouser said...

Ms. 5:18

So, you think I should be killed just because you don't like me? Congratulations, you're a psychopath.

Punishment does not deter crime. Its just a way for the politicians to pretend they're doing something about crime.

Anonymous said...

chuck says:

January 17, 2014 at 6:21 pm

This Doctor in Belguim, assists patients every three days into that good night with no problems.

“The man’s arm is limp and extended outwards over the edge of the bed. A catheter has already been taped to his forearm, and its tubing lodged tightly into a vein. “Are you ready?” the doctors ask. With a “yes” they begin the five-minute process.

Time slows as the doctors make their first injection, like a roller coaster nearing a drop. It is benzodiazepine, a sedative that weighs heavily on the patient’s eyelids and in moments has put him to sleep. He appears motionless, though raspy breaths are still resounding from his lungs. Next comes a noxious dose of anaesthetic—Thiopenal, a coma-inducing barbiturate that hits the body hard. The man rattles the room with a single, gut-wrenching gasp for air, and instantly ceases all movement. At this point, his mind has passed into blackness, and the doctors administer their final blow: Norcuron, a muscle relaxant used to stop the heart.”

Out on Johnson Drive at VCA Mission, you can, when necessary, take your dogs when they are old and too sick to go on, where the folks there, who are really wonderful, will in short order and with no pain, put your best buddy to sleep. I have been there and it is fast, and my little guy felt not a thing.

Richard Kuklinski (aka “The Iceman”) used to put guys to sleep next to their dates in Discos with syringes of cyanide and no one would notice. Leave it to the Federal and State Government to turn every execution possible into the death of Rasputin. They should play Rosanne Barr singing the National Anthem during the process.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chuck. I wonder if the murderers on death row were concerned about how painless their victims' deaths were.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 5:18 Byron. It's not because we don't like you it's because you're a fraudulent person and a spineless bustard to boot. Then you go and claim you beat up your father and put him in the hospital. That's assault you asshole and a crime.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad we have finally reached a point of civility where a state has to spend millions to insure that a murderer feels no pain while being executed. Now if we could just pass a law that prevents 80 year olds from being forced to shit in their pants in state licensed rest homes.

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post and other national news sites are having a field day with Missourah firing squad proposal.

Good work, Missourah! For years you've wanted to be known for something other than hillbillies, inbreeding and that slum with an arch. Your wish is granted.

Anonymous said...

This ain't Tennessee cracker's!