Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mayor Sly Rewards Insiders With EDC Gig

Kansas City Mayor Sly brings his slate of familiar insiders into the eco-devo game that he's working to takeover . . .

KC Biz Journal Round-up: James appoints five new members to EDC

Mayor Sly's Presser: Appointments to redesigned Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors

Real world listing:

Bridgette Williams - The Heavies

Herb Sih - Think Big Tech Speculators And Investment Game

Tom Trabon - CPA

Rosana Privitera Biondo - Construction

Spencer Fields - CPA

Most of these fine folks have been part of the KCMO civic game for quite some time and should make reliable yes votes for whatever the Mayor wants.


Anonymous said...

The flailings and squawking of politicians can only avail to make the journey more painful and disorderly, but the march is on.

Anonymous said...

Same old cast of characters. More money will be funneled to friend, family and fuckees. KC business as usual. I was hoping Sly would at least be a little bit creative. Nope. Same ole' same ole'.

Anonymous said...

He has to get started some of the big donors are not satisfied with the crumbs from the tables that he has provided, they want the big pull out the props slick money deals.