Thursday, January 02, 2014

Mary Sanchez Considers MLK Legacy And Tragic Loss Among Kansas City Clergy

Once again Kansas City's Dead Tree Media token Latina follows up on new that our blog community broke earlier in the week: A leader devoted to Martin Luther King Jr.'s memory


Pastor Brooks said...

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Anonymous said...

Is that your cunt hole under your nose Mary?

Anonymous said...

Let's examine this article by Ms. Sanchez and see if we can make sense of it.

First the headline: "Ralph Wright was a leader devoted to Martin Luther King Jr.'s memory" Is this accurate? Would Rev. Wright say that he was devoted to the memory of another man, or to the biblical principles which Rev. King so eloquently addressed?

"And he was better known in the black community than out of it, never reaching the mainstream recognition of other ministers." Excuse me Ms. Sanchez, but Rev. Wright was a black minister working in the black community, so of course he was better known among the areas where he worked. And why would you infer that he was in competition with other ministers for recognition?

When MLK III came to speak in KC (April 1998) at the behest of Rev. Wright, why did he stay at a hotel in Overland Park? There's a topic that might be worthy of an additional article.

Anonymous said...

HHAHAHAHAHAHA because he was safer in Jo Co than in KC even back then.