Thursday, January 23, 2014

KCUR Stays Losing Without Jabulani Leffall!!!

Like it or not, KCUR seems to be reeling after the departure of it most popular talk show host in years.

The reorganization of the daytime programing continues.

Check these links:

KCUR: KC Currents And Central Standard To Merge

Pitch: KCUR's KC Currents and Central Standard will merge

Like it or not, this is the way haters work and why the must constantly be ignored . . . Critics took after J because he captured their attention and woke them up out of their stupor. Haters were content when KCUR was nothing more than listening to Walt Bodine in between naps . . . An original voice took them by surprise and startled their senses.


This truism is reflected in our local politics but also the town's culture and its probably the reason why the most successful biz people, artists and politicos leave this cowtown behind.


Anonymous said...

Lafall is a talentless asshole, who trades on his marble-mouth, nigger speech. KCUR is much, much better without this air-coon.

Anonymous said...

He was awful.

Anonymous said...

Bring Back Walt!

chuck said...

I in no way agree with Tony's politics, but he would kill it on this show. The ratings would be astonishing.

It is what it is, I am right.

Anonymous said...

This post is what happens after Tony applied for the open host position at KCUR, but was rejected with prejudice.

Anonymous said...

KCUR learned a lesson. You don't hire program hosts who have a history of mental health breakdowns. Mr. Lafall admitted to this in a subsequent interview which was published in either the Star or Pitch.

Anonymous said...

Which is it, the Star or The Pitch?

Anonymous said...


Well, you sure do but a lot of us are looking towards progress.

There's the door.

Big Nasty said...

It seems to me there are way too many stories on TKC about or involving blacks. Wait. It's Kansas City. I had a moment. Sorry. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

No one is going to hire Tony gor a real media job 1. because they'd be sued regularly or if they reel him on it woyld be boring as hell 2. they need someone to use to get out what they want or find out what's being said. No one admits to reading TKC but believe it they do.

Anonymous said...

If KCUR were content, Tony, they'd leave KC Currents and Central Standard as is. The fact that they're merging the programs shows that they AREN'T content. I figured even you would be smart enough to see that. I figured wrong.

I think what has you pissed is that you can't break out beyond the blog. It's been three years since that article in the Pitch. Dos Mundos won't print your stuff anymore. Ditto KCHN. You can't even get guest spots on KMBZ, and they'll take practically any schmo with a decent radio voice (see: Wright, Dana).

Look on the bright side. You have this blog. You have literally tens of people who visit this site on a semi-regular basis. And you have the unholy trinity of Glazer, Alonzo and Byron to keep you company.

Nighty nite, mano.

Anonymous said...

KCUR is certainly NOT losing.
That guy was simply not right for the job. In America now we have to let these things happen.
So what if the station wants to merge those shows?

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to a stupid, no-talent nigger. He was terrible and shouldn't be allowed even near a microphone. Bad nigger, bad nigger.