Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kansas City Saturday Night Link Gathering

Assorted Brit hotties bring us to this Kansas City evening link compilation . . .

- Old And Busted Kansas City Infrastructure Computer Survey: Special tech surveying sewer lines in KC

- Cowtown Weather Warning: Fire weather watch issued for Sunday

- Another Legal Defeat Awaits Our Hunky Favorite From Kansas: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach will fight denial of heightened proof-of-citizenship voting requirements

- Sunflower State Science Spending: Kansans in Congress split on bill that includes funding for NBAF

- ROCK CHALK LAWRENCE HOMICIDE SCENE TONIGHT: Police seek 19-year-old after dead body was found in her home

- Where A Lot Of My Friends Were Last Night Celebrating Old School Gap Band Sounds: Charlie Wilson commandeers a party locomotive through sold-out Midland

- Local High Class: Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser Is Back Among Friends In Kansas City

- Mizzou Winning: Tigers take out Alabama

- South Kansas City Last Hope: Bannister Rebirth By Cerner On 2.5 Year Schedule

- Not Quite A Warmup: Joe’s Weather Blog: Lots Of Wind/Colder Air Lurks

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for this evening . . .


Anonymous said...

Any place last night was a better show than being out to Stanford's.

Anonymous said...

dingo balls.