Friday, January 03, 2014

Kansas City Fakes Impressionist France Appreciation @ Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art

Here's a high art interlude for Kansas City and a look at the finer things that don't have a lot in common with flyover country . . . Still, a visit to exhibit might prove worthwhile if only shop for good toilet books (the water lilies are soothing) and earn a talking point for the next fight with a significant other who also pretends to appreciated this stuff.

Check it:

Impressionist France at The Nelson-Atkins Museum

Deets from director Brandon Smith:

"I got the chance to learn about French Impressionist painting and photography from April Watson."

Take a peek:

The exhibit runs until Feb. 9th

More in a bit . . .


chuck said...

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Sexy, classy lady.

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty cool show. French Impressionist paintings AND early French photography that may have inspired some of those paintings. Photography, for its first decade or so, was pretty much all French, you may recall.