Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kansas City Conclusion: Councilman Jermaine Reed Won't Get A Second Term After Country Club Plaza Racial Profiling Blowback!!!

The response to Council Dude Jermaine Reed's racial profiling gambit has been swift and tragic.

To wit . . .

A KICK-ASS KANSAS CITY INSIDER CLAIMS: "It's clear that Councilman Reed STILL doesn't have a good handle on the office and this mistake has inspired the significant challenges that he's already going to face come election time."

To be fair, Council Dude Reed has gained a great deal of experience during his first term and proven he isn't afraid to confront controversy.

The biggest win of his term one year into his election seems to be an ordinance to "ban the box" and encourage felons to apply for City Hall jobs.

However, what's noticeable in his recent row with the KCPD Police Chief is that Councilman Reed had very little community support for his allegations of Plaza Flash Mob racial profiling.

Check the aftermath links:

KMBC: KC councilman: Teen curfew only enforced at Country Club Plaza

KSHB: 2013 curfew tickets only given on Plaza

Fox4: Councilman says disparity in curfew tickets “plague Kansas City”

Notice that Dead Tree Media refused to cover the drama while talk dominated the Kansas City discourse throughout social media . . . Yet another indication that the newspaper reflects an increasingly smaller niche of local life thanks to their elitist bias. More on that in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

What are his views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

Like the police said, they gave tickets to the kids they saw. It just so happens that was who was out past curfew on the Plaza, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I believe the true "plague" on Kansas City is the proliferation of stupid, self-important jackasses in elected public positions.

Anonymous said...

All of the council members are being voted out first chance us taxpayers can get. After they're all gone and the toy train is stuck at main and 20th for a bum, we'll put up a big bronze plaque with all their names on it to remind ourselves who fucked us in the ass

Anonymous said...

6:36am is right on the money; there's nothing quite as worthless, embarrassing, and counter to the city's best interets that incompetent self-important losers, and the council's full of them.
But it's also important to consider where these people come from. Most are fronts for individuals or groups and announce their candidacies, not with any ideas about public policy or even municipal government, but rather with a laundry list of endorsements from the same gang of yesterday/s losers who have already been bellying up to the public trough for years.
Reed is just a font-man for the same old gang who have run the east side into the condition that it's in, all the while doing very well for themselves, thank you very much.
And those folks will do everything they can to keep their clueless access to the public till in office.
Reed knows the game; don't count him out.
How are we doing on the food deserts? That will save the day!

Anonymous said...

Reed is an asshole who was elected only because he was black by the black people.

Voters get out there, don't vote him back in and don't ever vote another black person into office.

Anonymous said...



"Should it be a federal crime for businesses to refuse to hire ex-convicts? Yes, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which recently released 20,000 convoluted words of regulatory “guidance” to direct businesses to hire more felons and other ex-offenders.

The ruling kakistocracy is made up of reprobates who live by a criminal creed of coercion and theft. That they look out for their fellow malefactors is hardly surprising.

Typically, they frame the issue in terms of their racial caste system, which places despised Caucasians at the bottom.

In the late 1970s, the EEOC began stretching Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to sue businesses for practically any hiring practice that adversely affected minorities. In 1989, the agency sued Carolina Freight Carrier Corp. of Hollywood, Fla., for refusing to hire as a truck driver a Hispanic man who had multiple arrests and had served 18 months in prison for larceny.

The EEOC argued that the only legitimate qualification for the job was the ability to operate a tractor trailer."

Anonymous said...



Businesses are not allowed to count being likely to refrain from stealing whatever is inside the trailer as a job qualification.

The EEOC has proclaimed that “criminal record exclusions have a disparate impact based on race and national origin.” That means if two people want a job, one a criminal and the other responsible and law-abiding, you had better hire the criminal if you don’t want to be crushed by a lawsuit.

Though blacks make up only 13% of the U.S. population, more blacks were arrested nationwide for robbery, murder and manslaughter in 2009 than whites, according to the FBI. The imprisonment rate for black men “was nearly 7 times higher than White men and almost 3 times higher than Hispanic men,” notes the EEOC.

The solution to this tendency toward sociopathic behavior on the part of liberals’ Chosen People is obvious: punish those who do not break the law.

Former EEOC General Counsel Donald Livingston, in testimony in December to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, warned that employers could be considered guilty of “race discrimination if they choose law abiding applicants over applicants with criminal convictions” unless they conduct a comprehensive analysis of the ex-offender’s recent life history.

Please, I just want to hire somebody who won’t steal my truck…"

Anonymous said...

The EEOC is actually demanding that Freeman Companies “pay compensation to rejected job applicants who lied about their criminal records.”

In a statist utopia, everything is either mandatory or forbidden — except when it is both:

The biggest bombshell in the new guidelines is that businesses complying with state or local laws that require employee background checks can still be targeted for EEOC lawsuits. …

As Todd McCracken of the National Small Business Association recently warned: “State and federal courts will allow potentially devastating tort lawsuits against businesses that hire felons who commit crimes at the workplace or in customers’ homes. Yet the EEOC is threatening to launch lawsuits if they do not hire those same felons.”

Anonymous said...

As always, Big Government assumes no responsibility for the havoc it inflicts.

Naturally, the EEOC will have no liability for any workplace trouble that results from its new hiring policy.

At least the eagerness of our liberal rulers to punish the law-abiding by giving de facto hiring priority to criminals helps us make sense of their jihad against the Second Amendment. It’s not that they don’t understand that gun laws only affect the law-abiding. It’s just a question of whose side they are on.

Obviously, in a free country a private business would be able to hire whoever it finds most suitable for the job without fear of punishment. Equally obviously, it is not easy to do business in a tyranny run by lunatics. This is why our standard of living will continue to decline so as long as liberals are in charge.

Anonymous said...

Read this again.

"The EEOC is actually demanding that Freeman Companies “pay compensation to rejected job applicants who lied about their criminal records.”

How fucking NUTS is this!!????!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the news report last night and a couple of things came to mind.

First, if the majority of teens running around the plaza are of a particular ethinic group, then the majority of the tickets would be issued to that group. If I recall, a white family from Johncon County was issued a ticket and they complained to the news.

Second, if you really want to use the numbers from the police on this one, the convition rate would be a better indicator to reveal if charges were trumped up or not by the police. If 87 tickets were issued but only 4 were found guilty, I would be concerned. So what explanation did the 87 parents have for their kids to be on the plaza after curfew?

Third, If the Plaza wants to control their groups, they need extra security not free police protection.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this shit it's cold as fuck outside so I say fuck it and am going back to bed. Goddamn this welfare provided life is rough. Glad I have a fine black men like Reed looking out for my black ass - hang in there nigger we will beat whitey yet. Shit who has some cheap weed?

Mo. Cracka said...

Who did Jermain blow ?

Anonymous said...

Only 13% of those ticketed on the Plaza should be Black because 13% is the per capita number by population is what he is saying.

The conversation amongst my friends is very negative re The Plaza. None of us will let our kids go down there anymore alone at night and we stay out south now.

You talk it blue in the face and feel really good about how you are not racist, but when it comes down to it, none of us want our families caught up in the craziness that Reed condones by way of an argument against what everyone can see is reality.

My neighbors have had thier wives and daughters touched and insulted on the Plaza. We are done.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the irony is lost on Reed and other idiots from the East Side. Their active participation in the destruction of the city and tax base that pays the bills for the make work jobs and govt. subsistance they rely on is overlooked in the quest to gather votes from idiots who only see what is in front of their noses.

After Reed secures the gutting of the law as it applies to the Plaza, his "people" will high five and bray about civil rights as they drop off thier kids by the thousands to destroy the Plaza and the city. Then, like Bannister Mall, when it is destroyed, they will say that racism was the cause, not the violent, unrestrained verbal and physical assaults that were permitted by the police in quest of "equality."

Anonymous said...

Is Jermiane Reed and Alonzo working on finding out who those white kids were that took several shots at the Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Of course theStar didn't cover it. It's restaurant week,idiot. They are spread really thin down there.

Anonymous said...

You've put these niggers in positions of trust and responsibility and now they're fucking up. Surprised??

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

AY MUSIK got a touring contract. Maybe the plaza should start paying musicians and worry about retention of their chepa labor

Anonymous said...

niggers are stupid.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... ask where are these childrens parents.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a politician panders to a specific group. Lesson learned, Reed.

Anonymous said...

Millions of black African Muslims have Arabic names but are not Arabs. Millions of white European Muslims (ever hear of the Balkans?) have Arabic names but are not Arabs. Islam originated as an Arab religion but now includes people of all races in most countries. You need to spend less time doing meth, incest and cross-burnings ... and more time reading books.

Anonymous said...

so 102, you wanted to make a point about stereotypes, but here you are falling into the same name calling you think you are above. I guess the $60,000 you spent on a liberal arts degree getting brainwashed by people who have never done any real work in life wasn't well spent.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City needs to do like Argentina and have a DNA Database for the area population so there is no longer a question where this city migrated from?

Anonymous said...

14 of the 16 citations were to black kids. 88% is just "coincidence."