Monday, January 06, 2014

Kansas City Cold Night Link Compilation!!!

It's FREEZING tonight so we're keeping warm by compiling these relevant Kansas City links along with celebrating the hotness of Jordan Carver.

Check it:

- MUST SEE Notice To Carve Up Cowtown Schools: KCPS to discuss draft attendance boundaries during public meetings

- Local Education Nod: Nixon Nominates Former KC Area School Chief to State Board of Education

- Northland Senseless Torture Death Consequences: Charges announced in Liberty man's slaying

- Dead Tree Media Good Deeds: Newspaper carrier rescues elderly man after fall in cold

- Rid Your House Of Rugrats: Schools that WILL BE OPEN Tuesday

- Admittedly, Pretty Cool: Dad and daughter stick faces in snow, get art

- Celebrate The Status Quo: Majority Of Kansas City Water Pipes Withstand Sub-Zero Temps

- Mainstream Excuses: Chiefs' loss was as much Indy's explosion as KC's implosion

- Rap Music Freedom Of Speech Inspiration: The 2 Live Crew is coming to Hammerjack's in St. Joseph on February 7

- Working Class Freeze Out: KC man camps out in his own home as he waits for furnace tech

This is just another OPEN THREAD while we find some way to spark a fire in this basement . . .


Anonymous said...

Quite cheeky!

Anonymous said...

Most schools closed you fool

Anonymous said...

Most, not all, and that's what the news says!

you chuckle head!

Anonymous said...

So the Nazi's got their first kill at Smithville Lake this weekend. yea Buddy Rumble!