Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jordan Carver And The Kansas City Rundown

Jordan Carver is our favorite German babe in the whole wide world and tonight she had inspired this EPIC collection of Kansas City mainsteam media links to to keep up otherwise occupied on this cold-ass evening . . .

- The K Will Soon Be On Lockdown: MLB stadiums will require metal detectors by 2015

- Golden Ghetto Nasty: Lenexa teacher gets 4 years for abusing teenage boys

- Show-Me Baby Killing On The Clock: Missouri lawmakers eye 72-hour abortion waiting period

- Rock Chalk Academic Censorship: Social Media Policy Making Waves At Kansas Universities

- Gov. Jay Ally: Nixon calls for protections for gay workers

- Yael Is Chronically Unimpressed: Cheap anti-abortion stunt: sonograms in Kansas Capitol

- Kansas City Urban Core Lesson Tonight: Two rush to Cristo Rey school for help after shooting

- Much More Lucrative Than Cooper Wire: Independence man sentenced for $724,000 investment fraud

- The Debate That Might Dismantle The District: Mo. Senate weighs school transfer options

- Meth Town Protection: Man suspected of shooting neighbors ordered to have no contact with victims

- Big Money: Country Club Bank shows off its new headquarters

- Kansas City Property Takeaway: Eminent domain claims KC man's building

- KS judge: sperm donor owes child support

- More Arctic Temperatures In This Cowtown: Arctic blast is bringing dangerous wind chills to KC overnight . . . Also, Your Rugrats Are Weak: Schools face tough calls over whether to cancel in cold weather

- Baseball Lottery For Another Mediocre Season: Royals to hold online drawing for fans to buy opening-day tickets

- Doggie Defamation: Leawood business owner says disgruntled ex-worker smearing name

- Jobs Up North: New 600-worker KCI maintenance operation moves forward

- Good Deeds On Wheels: Bikers Against Child Abuse protect children and families

- Rugrat Carrying Case Gets The Okay: Kansas City safety officials applaud proposed side-impact test for child car seats

- Rock On: Slayer is coming to the Uptown Theater in May

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Anonymous said...

Lenexa teacher gets 4 years for abusing teenage boys....that's gotta be Byron Funkyass. How old were the boys? Bryon likes them in 3rd to 5th grade

Anonymous said...

RE: "Leawood business owner says disgruntled ex-worker smearing name"

..links to a Diane Cho story which should win an award for use of humor in reporting!!!!

The business in question "Dog Pawz Play N Stay", I assume is a dog-sitting service, pooper scooper, etc.

The ex-employee apparently was let go for:
sub-standard (shitty) work
he was hard to keep on a leash
he barked off to customers
he pissed on the boss's leg
he constantly had a bone to pick
he bit the hand that fed him

Tony, you need to diversify said...

Too much Jordan Carver! Spread the hottie wealth.

Anonymous said...

Lenexa teacher gets 4 years for abusing teenage boys: Another story about a Kansas chicken queen....

Anonymous said...

Does Jay Nixon watch Duck Dynasty...that is the question.

Anonymous said...

Fewer abortions in Missouri means more students and children for Hallmark and Kaufman to throw in prison!!!