Friday, January 31, 2014

Jordan Carver & The Kansas City Link Layout

Jordan Carver inspires us to lay out these worthwhile links for our late night TKC denizens . . .

- Looks Like A TKC Commenter Lost It: Suspect robs Country Club Bank on Armour

- Tragic Local tale: KC woman found murdered in field

- Chase Policy Redux: Man charged with multiple felonies after fleeing police on Thursday

- Taking Flight: KCI task force schedules its first public hearing

- MUST SEE!!! Lesson In Meth Town Snack Pack Trouble: Students accused of eating marijuana-laced brownies on a school bus

- Golden Ghetto Danger: Officer struck on WB I-435 at Metcalf

- Sen. Claire Talks About Old & Busted Bridges: McCaskill warns of infrastructure funding crisis

- Major Healthcare Ruckus Coming Up: Kansas files brief supporting Hobby Lobby contraceptive case

- Kansas Internets Second Chance: Telecom group will rework bill banning municipal-offered Internet, asks to delay hearing

- Dead Tree Media Naive Optimism: It's time to rethink the connection between 'corrupt' and 'politician'

- Canine Salvation In The Sububs: Two dogs rescued from Overland Park house fire

- Admittedly, This Town Has Better Parks Than Any Other Place: Steve Paul: Kansas City's parks system is on the path to historic status

- New Traditions In Kansas City's Most Diverse Part Of Town: Northeast restaurant rings in the Vietnamese New Year

As always, this is just the latest OPEN THREAD for all things OFF-TOPIC but still noteworthy . . .


Anonymous said...

The snack pack story deserves its own post.

Anonymous said...

Was that chuck robbing the bank?

Anonymous said...


I notice he has been quiet today.

Carl, Mission Hills said...

I tell you what just for grins I ought to find out how much it would cost to bring Jordan Carver to Kansas City to do a simple gig.

Here is what I would do. I'd have her wear an outfit close to what she has on now walk up to Tony's front door and knock. Of course I would have a film crew there as well to capture the look on Tony's face as he opened the door and Jordan says, "I want you Tony baby." I bet I could get 10 million YouTube hits from people watching Tony shit himself as he passed out and hit the floor, Bwahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Naah, Tony would hit that real nice and slow like, maybe slap the titties around a little bit... and then kindly ask her to leave as his Madden game was paused.

Anonymous said...

lol 6.34